Gordon Jackson, President, called the meeting to order.
The motion was made to accept the minutes of June 1, 2008 and the motion was seconded and approved unanimously.


  • Bob Dallas of Dunwoody Yes announced:
    • Monday at 3pm - Rally at Farmhouse
    • Tues 7p-11p - Watch party at 1420 Event Place
      All are welcome to both
  • Joe Bembry introduced himself as a candidate for DeKalb Co. CEO
  • Johnny Mason introduced himself as a candidate for DeKalb Co Superior Court Judge, on ballot in November
  • Tom Stubbs introduced himself as a candidate for DeKalb County Superior Court Judge (not against Mason), on ballot in November
  • Terri Fisher introduced herself as candidate for DeKalb Co. Dist. 1 Commissioner
  • Larry Danese introduced himself as candidate for DeKalb Co. Dist. 1 Commissioner
  • Elaine Boyer introduced herself as candidate for DeKalb Co. Dist. 1 Commissioner


  • Barry Realty/Marriott Sun Trust Site - Kathy Zickert presented latest plan which would involve changing zoning. Entire project is smaller - no apts. tower, only one restaurant, fitness center, daycare center and 12 stories of office space. Plan included drought resistant landscaping. They have filed variance applications for setback and parking variances. The planning commission has recommended approval. Building is natural colors, lower part is natural stone. Fitness center will be approx. same size at Concourse and daycare 6000 sq. ft.
  • Atlantic Realty Hotel Site - DHA had asked for orientation of six story hotel building to be reconsidered to increase walk-ability. Now the main entrance faces street with a lobby inside door and a restaurant on hall. The bldg would be moved closer to Crown Point Parkway.
  • Chequers/Fuddruckers site - 3.88 acres. Wants to build 25 story office bldg. and 20 story hotel (200 rooms). Has met with DHA small group. Comply with Perimeter CID guidelines and has better MARTA access. Will come back in August for recommendation or approval. Office building will be built first.


  • July 4th Parade – Greatest parade ever
  • Light Up Dunwoody – Meeting with Shops of Dunwoody this week.
  • Code Infractions – Gerri Penn was not at the meeting, but she has put out list.
  • Sidewalks and Transportation - Dennis Crean presented maps of:
    1. Sidewalks - 20 miles needed, have 42.6 miles and ADA ramps - 78 needed
    2. Roadways needing repair badly - 45.5 miles; In the last two years we've had about 20 "lane miles" repaired and area scheduled for 2 miles in the next year
    3. Traffic Signals, noting upgraded and not upgraded
  • We can call 311 to report potholes, traffic signal problems, etc.
  • Georgetown is scheduled to have new state-of-the-art traffic signals later this year


  • Schools
    • Committee for 4/5 school: Robin Burch, Renate Herod, Bill Grossman, Joe DeVita, Bob Lundsten, Susan Mitchell and Lynn Deutsch
    • Committee for DHS renovation - TBA


  • Motion: Any Member of the DHA Board of Directors, Elected Directors or Officers may offer for elected office without first having to resign his/her position of the DHA Board of Directors. Upon election to City of Dunwoody, DeKalb County or Georgia General Assembly office, the elected office holder will resign his/her position on the DHA Board of Directors and will be converted to an Ex Officio member on the board. Then the Nominating Committee will need to fill the position.

Seconded and passed.

  • Discussion: Role of DHA should Dunwoody become a city: DHA would be a spokesman for homeowners in Dunwoody to the Council and the Mayor. DHA would be a sounding board for citizens before city council. DHA does not represent renters, Georgia Perimeter College, clergy, etc. …only the homeowners. So Moved, Seconded and Passed.
  • Barry Realty/Marriott Sun Trust Site
    • Changes do away with previously approved zoning
    • Agreement has a clause that if deal falls apart before zoning approval, design will revert to original Barry design.
    • Motion: to approve new site plan with new renderings and authorize Gordon Jackson and Renate Herod (instead of Gerri Penn, who is out of town) to sign agreement. Seconded and Passed.
  • Atlantic Realty Hotel Site - Motion to approve revised/presented site plan, seconded and passed.
  • There are two items coming in front of commission - Coro at Georgetown, will receive a full cycle deferral and Bank of North Georgia at Boston Market, will be approved.
  • Cactus Car Wash wants an out parcel in front of UA Theater at Perimeter Point
  • Regarding Coro at Georgetown: Kroger has offered $13 million to improve shopping center, Coro wanted more money. Kroger would be spending more money per square foot on this location than any other Kroger.

Meeting was adjourned.