Call to Order: 7:30 pm by Bill Grossman
*Bill introduced Jim Redovian as the newest board member.

Political Candidates (all were allowed a brief overview of their key initiatives):
*Mayoral: Bob Dallas, James Sibold and Mike Davis
*City Council: Terry Nall: At large District 1 opposing Robert Wittenstein

4th of July Parade Re-cap-Bill Robinson:
*Record number of entrants at 166, the largest parade in Georgia by most accounts.
*Parade turned a profit of $4,200.
*Mike Davis donated $1,400 for the Marine Band accommodations.

Candidate Forum:
*Date set for Thursday 10/13 at DHS from 7pm-9pm; 10/27 offered as alternate date.
*Discussion led to agreement that the Parks Issue should be relegated to a separate forum if necessary. The Thursday 10/27 alternate date could be used for this separate forum.

Light Up:
*Date set as Sunday 11/20th at The Farmhouse.
*Bill suggested seeking approval to block Chamblee Dunwoody between Mt. Vernon and Nandina during the event for better safety and possible booth space along the street. The Board was in agreement.

Board Vote:
*The 4th of July Dunk Tank generated $500. Bill suggested it be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Joyce Amacher motioned to approve and the board approved unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:16 pm.