Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors


  1. Approval of minutes for June 2014:
    Bill Robinson motioned to approved, seconded by Jim Redovian
  2. 4th of July Parade review
    165 entries. Total cost: $2,141.80; final P/L pending
    Conflict with Carbonara due to early staging in front of restaurant.
  3. Manget Way update:
    Gerri Penn and Joe Tuttle offered insights to the Zoning Board of Appeals decision to reverse the city’s certification for the teen-care house on Manget Way. The matter is now before the DeKalb Superior Court.
  4. Text Amendment on building materials:
    City Councilman Terry Nall presented details of the amendment and urged DHA support. Essentially it would require that buildings higher than three stories be built with concrete and steel.

    Michael Paris, representing the Council on Quality Growth, urged compromise and said the proposal is unprecedented and that five stories is the typical standard in most municipalities.

  5. Mid-year Finances:
    Robert provide a mid-year review and indicated the DHA is currently on target but that we will not be able to finance Light Up in the same manner.

    Fran Millar and Tom Taylor agreed to pay a 1/3 and the City agreed to contribute another 1/3 toward the cost of lighting.

    Dunwoody Elementary has requested DHA for a $300 bronze sponsorship for their annual fundraiser. DHA has $250 budgeted.

Votes during Board only session:


Rick Callihan motioned to support the Text Amendment and it was approved 15-4.