1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors

2. Approval of minutes for June 5, 2016 meeting—Lindsay Ballow
None – both next meeting

3. Overview of city actions related to DHA membership – Mayor Shortal
Defended the city’s actions. Purpose was to protect the city from potential future financial and legal liability. Discussion followed, most present agreed that the decision was overreaching, poorly researched and implemented improperly.

4. Brief report on 4th of July parade –Robert Wittenstein
Parade, huge success, net was $5k for parade which will be spent on Light Up Dunwoody.

5. Request for Sponsorship – Dunwoody Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization – Laurie Nichols
Dunwoody Elementary – sponsor at bronze level, do things the county doesn’t cover

6. Presentation – SunTrust Bank development proposal for bank relocation in Dunwoody Village—Den Webb (Smith, Gambrell & Russell), Terri Lasoff (SunTrust), Bart Sargent (Architect), Davis Blumenthal (Engineer/Project Manager)

Demolish Old Hickory house and replace with a bank compliant with Overlay District, reducing parking spots. Will increase landscaping and save large trees in front of property. Sun Trust has 18 months left on current lease.

6.B. Nancy Jester update – does not support SPLOST, expects 3-3 vote tie, was supposed to be used for paving, now some on commission want to spend it on a new government center and other priorities. Commission must vote by July 28 to get it on November ballot.

7. Board Only Discussion:

City actions related to DHA members on city boards and city board members attending DHA meetings; DHA response.

Board voted to do two things:
1 – Send email to members, discuss history and end with call to action
2 - Bring in an expert, Seth Weisman, Ga Tech professor. He will write a letter/memo regarding board members and membership homeowner/civic association.

Dunwoody Elementary School Request for funds: $500 approved to Dunwoody Elementary.

Removal of inactive board members: Vanessa Shapiro removed from the board for inactivity.