Public Meeting

Announcements and Introduction of Distinguished Visitors

Dunwoody City Council Members in attendance; John Heneghan, Terry Nall and Jim Riticher.

Introduction of candidates for office - There were none there to speak.

The deadline qualifications for City Council at Large seats and Mayor is August 19th.  

Candidate Forum

DHA will have a Candidate Forum and aiming for Sep. 22nd about 2pm.  Adrienne will rent the DHS auditorium online.  The cost will be between $800.00 and $1,000.00.

Parade Recap

The parade was well received with happy residents and happy sponsors.  We were down about $5,000.00 this year.  We are working on getting more sponsors next year.

Hillary Levy – All Fore One Campaign

There are representatives from all Dunwoody Elementary Schools on the Committee that feed into Peachtree. This year in addition to golf there will also be tennis. It is a capital campaign for what DCSS doesn’t supply.  We sponsored $500.00 in the past. It will be held on Monday, October 7th at the Dunwoody Country Club.  They may split the funds between PMS and DHS.

Educate Dunwoody – Adrienne

This is a new group started by Michelle Fincher.  The purpose is to get Dunwoody engaged with the Board of Education by speaking at Board of Education meetings about Dunwoody issues.  Adrienne will try and give support to this group from Board Members.  There is a link on the DHA web site to this group.

Heyward Wescott – Dunwoody Police Foundation Proposal

Caroline Riticher gave the presentation.  They are trying to get the word out and get donations.  They had a booth at the parade and a press release already.  Their goal is to improve the safety of our Police Officers and citizens.  There would be an Emergency Aid Program.  They would provide Specialized Equipment and Training that isn’t in the City Budget for things like a drug sniffing dog.  Right now DPD borrows dogs.  The cost for a dog is about $40,000.00. They also want to have Community Partnerships and Education.   Rick Holland, the President, would like DHA support.

Wellington Place condos & John Weiland Homes

Adrienne said that Wellington Place is in a similar situation as to Fairfield and the Roberts Dr. project.  Lynne Nault on the Condo Board said they were approached by the manager for John Weiland about a sewer connection that has to go through their land.  The Wellington Board has hired an attorney and are trying to get a 5 year agreement. Robert said that he went through a similar thing and suggested that their attorney do all of the talking and suggested $10,000.00 and that Weiland also pay Wellington’s attorney fees. Adrienne asked that they please follow up with DHA to let us know the end result.

Board Only Discussion and Vote

Review and approve minutes from April, May and June

All Fore One Funding Request

Bill Grossman made the motion to approve and John Sparks seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously.

All Fore One Funding Request

After discussion, Robert Wittenstein made a motion to sponsor All Fore One at the $500.00 level which was seconded by Bill Grossman. The motion passed with 11 for votes and 4 opposed votes.

Police Foundation Request

John Sparks moved to approve $500.00 with a second from Robert Wittenstein.  The motion passed with 11 for votes, 3 opposed, and 1 abstention.

Dick Williams Community Service Award

This would be awarded when someone does exemplary community service.  Bill Grossman moved to approve with a second  by Bill Robinson.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by’

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary