Zoning Issue Presentations

Peachland Homes – Peeler Road development (Ty White)

  • Bill Grossman Updates, still working out the commercial aspects of the project plan

DeKalb- Discussion regarding parcel on Ashford Dunwoody – Storage Facility

  • Storage - Zoning is to OD, and land use permit were deferred until June 22nd, variances are to reduce the front yard set back by ten feet, when we consider any other use it has much less potential to impact the community from traffic and school impacts, etc. Westmoreland has addressed many of the concerns that the site presented. Bill Grossman – passed a list of commitments that asked the land owner to lock this type of land for twenty years. Bob Lundsten checked with the staff and from a zoning perspective there are no negative ramifications to going OD on this site.

Fulton – Sky ridge/Spalding property development – G. Harvey

  • Neighbors still negotiating with Developer and lawyers, DHA has been assisting.

Overlay District – Amendment to allow personal services in O&I – Bob Lundsten

  • O&I Hair stuff Update – came up with a list of criteria, will allow for hair salons and nail salons in the overlay district in the Dunwoody village but not allow it anywhere else in Dekald in O&I. Also, a text amendment has been written to allow printing business services. Also, under O&I you can currently build a 5 story apartments without having to appear in front county commissioners/zoning board, looking to add an immediate text amendment to remove the high rise apartments without having to appear before county commissioners.


Community Notes and Presentations

Political Presentations & Introductions

  • Kathie Gannon- Running for district 6
  • Ron Marshall candidate for CEO
  • Mattie Reid candidate for Clerk of Superior Court
  • Ken Jones- Running for district 6
  • Mark Scott - running for Superior Court Judge
  • Rick Garnitz - candidate for State Senate District 40
  • Jennifer Kobaich candidate for DeKalb School Board, Dist. 1

Commissioner Boyer- Info on new voting precincts

  • Commissioner Update – There are precinct boundary changes, the county is going to send out a brand new card to every registered voter

New Peachtree Middle School – Dan Weber

  • The architect has proceed to change the elevation and will go with the Traditional façade/appearance, with Three story classroom wing with the sloped roofs, the first floor (floor plan) has been completed and is available for viewing after the meeting

Mt Vernon / Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Intersection – Gordon Jackson

  • Gordon has accumulated all West Dunwoody residents’ opinions on the intersection project design.
  • Has sent the comments to the count/consultant
  • Bill Phillips asked the board and Gordon to remind the PCID that this property in under the Overlay District
  • Fran recommends that DHA go to the PCID (meet with PCID) and take exception to the project
  • Bob L. makes a motion that DHA not support the Intersection Project. Motion passes. Bob also recommends that DHA create and deliver a strongly worded letter to Evon and PCID that they need to meet with the board.

Dekalb Pipeline Project/ PATH bike path – Elaine Boyer

  • Mayfair Park – These neighborhoods are currently paying taxes on the easements, a walking path would require condemnation of their land and put the path within feet of their back doors.
  • A motion was made and passed unanimously that the DHA not support this project and ask the County Commissioners to take PATH off the plan
  • If you have specific concerns – email Elaine Boyer and attach a plat drawing

President Update

  • Welcome new board members Dan Weber and Gerri Penn

Perimeter CID District – No Update

Overlay District – Bill Phillips

  • Overlay changes, overlay lighting

Brook Run – Elaine Boyer

  • Approval to go forward on Phase II of the Children Park.

Communications – Bill Robinson

  • The Parade will be held Monday July the 5th
  • Rangers will be attending

Membership – Sherman Dudley

  • No update

PDK Report – Barbara

  • 2 Commissioners are very supportive of the study she presented
  • This recommends for residents of Dunwoody that the flight patterns go between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway
  • The study is the noise abatement procedure for Dekalb County

Board discussions & Votes

  • DHA voted not to sponsor/organize, spearhead the formation of a Dunwoody Business & Professional Association at this time proposed by Nick. The DHA would fully support but feels sponsorship and organization needs to come from within the business community.
  • DHA voted not to support the Ashford Dunwoody/Mt. Vernon Intersection Project, and follow will be to create and deliver a strongly worded letter to PCID requesting that they meet with DHA
  • DHA voted and supports moving forward with Phase II of the Children’s Park
  • DHA voted to approve the Ashford Dunwoody Storage Facility plans with a twenty year covenant condition
  • DHA voted to make Official that the DHA roster & email list not be used for Political or other NON-DHA use.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 pm