Pres. Bill Grossman welcomes DeKalb Commissioner Elaine Boyer, Dunwoody Councilors Terry Nall, John Heneghan and Doug Thompson, as well as Edmond Richardson, who’s running for DeKalb Commission District 6. Bill was saddened to announce the sudden passing of DHA treasurer Barbara Dodds.

  1. Approval of May minutes
  2. Presentation from the Schoolbox by David Persson, president and CEO. The Schoolbox will open its 16th store and first in Dunwoody in mid-June. Will take over part of the Borders bookstore (next to Party City). Store is 50/50 teacher/student ratio.
  3. Dunwoody Schools photo display presentation by Robin Burch. Robin chronicling the schools in Dunwoody. She’s been given $300 by the historic Dunwoody Preservation Trust to fund a project to restore photos and display them in the current Dunwoody Elementary. The project will cost approximately $600. Robin is asking the DHA for $300 to make up the difference.
  4. Mt. Vernon safety concerns. Brian Davis made the presentation on behalf of Todd Copper (in attendance), who is wheelchair bound. He lives in the apartments near Chick-fil-A. He would love to have sidewalk connectivity on Mt. Vernon from the intersection near Chick-fil-A to connect with Dunwoody Baptist. Dunwoody has already approved sidewalks within its borders. Sandy Springs needs to do the same. Dennis Crean will look into this further.
  5. Bill updated board on Dunwoody parade. The plans include a Black Hawk helicopter landing in the Village (the board is keeping its fingers crossed).
  6. Discussion of possible TSPLOST and/or candidate debates. Bill presented the idea of having a TSPLOST debate at the July DHA meeting, which may push the meeting back until the middle or end of July. Bill didn’t think a candidate debate was warranted for any of the November races.

Board Only Discussion

  • A motion was made and unanimously approved to support Robin Burch’s project.
  • A motion was made and unanimously approved to give $100 to Barbara Dodd’s favorite charity, Goodwill.