Zoning Issues

Davis Academy - (Kyle Epstein and Ted Sandler) discussed the development of Chalcedon property as a middle school. The building footprint will be larger than the earlier submission (85,000 sq ft), but the maximum student body remains at 325. They have agreed to the same conditions as before regarding buffers and entries, one on Roberts Rd and one on Spalding Dr. With DHA help, they will work with GRTA and Fulton County to improve the intersection complex of Roberts/Spalding and Spalding/Dunwoody Club.

Bill Grant Homes – Bill presented three projects in different stages of development.

  • He will build three office buildings (2/2, 2/2 and 2/3; 19,000 sq ft total) on the south side of Mt. Vernon across from Dunwoody United Methodist Church. He will occupy one building and rent only to large tenants.
  • He will develop Alden Point on south side of Mt. Vernon at Ridgeview Lane, just east of Fulton County.
  • He reduced to number of homes from 9 to 8 on the property in the southeast corner of Tilly Mill and Mt.Vernon.

Peachtree Dunwoody Rd north of Abernathy Rd - The developer of property has reached an agreement with adjoining neighbors to construct 12 single-family homes.

4.5 acres at intersection of Dunwoody Drive and Spalding Drive (Fulton/DeKalb line) - Developer wants to remove three homes on and replace with 14 homes. Has agreed to reduce to 10 homes. Board was not in favor of supporting this development due to the potential of additional development it would create along Spalding.

Bruno’s Space - Regency Realty has signed a contract with Fresh Market and anticipates completing a contract with Walgreen this week, leading to the removal of the Bruno's building in Dunwoody Village. Two adjoining buildings will be constructed on the same footprint expanded about thirty feet to the south. Cosmetic improvements will be made concurrently to adjacent stores in the shopping center. A gazebo will be located in the west parking lot. The construction will impact the parade since the west parking lot will be used as a marshaling yard.

Amoco Station on Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd north of Mt. Vernon Rd - Station to be converted to a BP Station and will meet Overlay District signage guidelines (essentially, a sign change). For a comparison without clout of Overlay District, see new BP Station at Georgetown.

Phillips 66 - Two Stations in Dunwoody (Chamblee-Dunwoody and Mt. Vernon, North Peachtree and I 285) are for sale.


Joe Kane, HOA, and Sherman Dudley, membership, are working together to determine effective ways to improve communication and increase membership.

Overlay District

The Overlay District passed the DeKalb Community Council easily and will be presented to the Planning Council on March 6. It is being touted as the model for similar efforts throughout the county.

Business Owners

A business owner new to Dunwoody plans to create an owner's council. The DHA can work with this group as part of our Support the Local Merchants effort.

Brook Run

An RFQ for Brook Run Master Plan has been sent to firms interested in bidding. The Brook Run Committee will review these submissions and select a firm in accordance with prescribed rules.

Fourth of July Parade

The Fourth of July Parade will be very similar to past parades. A squad from the 75th Ranger Regiment, Ft Benning will serve as Grand Marshals, and marshals will be stationed along Mt. Vernon Rd to improve flow.


DHA will continue publishing an article monthly in the Crier. The articles will be both new subjects and updates of past articles.

Code Violations

Zoning codes are being reviewed to determine if the Church of Scientology on Mt. Vernon Rd and a house on Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd north of the Roberts Rd split are in violation.