Board of Commissioner Hearing – January 2004
Ken Wright introduced a tape of the Board of Commissioners meeting dated January 27, 2004. At this hearing the budget for DeKalb County was approved. The tape demonstrated the process used by the commissioners was flawed and found to be objectionable due to the method used penalized the commissioners that disagreed with the budget by not allowing them to include the host projects for their district. Attendees to meeting included three commissioners, Elaine Boyer, Judy Yates, and Hank Johnson.

Ken lead an open discussion regarding the voting process and the steps that could be taken to assure this method would not be used in the future. This portion of the meeting lasted from 6:45 pm until approx 8:30.

Zoning Issue Presentations
Ø Fulton County – Spalding and Pitts Road – subdivision was approved with 19 lots and a signed agreement for the conditions of development. The neighbors next to the property could not come to terms with the developer and did not participate in the agreement. The signed agreement includes many of the conditions requested by the adjoining neighbors.

Ø Fulton County – Skyridge Trail – The developer has proposed an additional site plan with 11 larger lots. The neighbors have been considering this and are in the process of responding to the new proposal.

Ø DeKalb County – SE corner of Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Mt. Vernon – BP leases this site and they are looking to sub- lease this property to an outside car wash facility. The DHA and the Preservation Trust oppose this use. The car wash may go ahead and not require zoning, however Ken Wright and the DPT are meeting with the proposed tenant to validate compliance to the Overlay District Requirements.

Ø DeKalb County – Ashford Dunwoody Road – Storage Facility – For this development to be approved, the DHA would have to agree to industrial type zoning (spot zoning) in or near the Overlay District. This would be in conflict with years of zoning cases where the DHA has opposed any Industrial Zoning in the area. Discussion will continue while the DHA discussed with DeKalb staff potential protective conditions.

Ø DeKalb County – St. Luke’s Church – meetings have been held with the neighbors and the commissioner Boyer. A resolution has been made between the parties including treatment of storm water drainage and a landscaped buffer at the rear of the church’s property. It is expected that Commissioner Boyer will bring this matter up at the next Board Meeting and note that the church and the neighbors have worked through all the issues. DHA will not oppose the SLUP.

Ø DeKalb County – NW corner of Springhouse Lane and Chamblee Dunwoody Road – it was anticipated that if this parcel was rezoned Commercial – then the rest of Chamblee Dunwoody would be in play for similar treatment. A motion was made to oppose this zoning. Motion carried.

Community Notes and Presentations

Ø The DHA heard presentations from State Senate candidate Dave Greenspan, DeKalb County Superior Court candidate Rodney Zell, DeKalb County CEO candidate Theresa Greene-Johnson, Dekalb County Probate Judge candidate Jeryl Rosh, DeKalb County District Attorney Jeff Bekman, DeKalb County District Attorney candidate Gwen Keyes, DeKalb County School Board candidate Sonny Jester and DeKalb County School Board member Chip Franzoni.

Ø Gordon Jackson discussed the Peachtree Middle School project. A planning meeting is to be held on March 30th (7:00 pm) at the school to review plans from the Architect.

Ø Gordon Jackson discussed the proposed sidewalk & intersection changes at Mount Vernon & Ashford Dunwoody Road. A updated meeting with DeKalb will be scheduled shortly.

Ø Great American clean up day is Saturday, March 27, 2004, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. For more information, contact Nancy Quan Sellers, board member of Keep DeKalb

President Update
Ø Reggie Lewis – Produce Manager at the Dunwoody Publix – his son was mauled by a Pit Bull dog and is in need of multiple surgeries and hospitalization. They have set up a bank account for citizens to contribute money to help defray the cost (Bank of America – 003253531158). Ken Wright moved that the DHA contribute $200.00 to the fund – motion was passed.

Ø Stage Door Players – motion made and approved that the DHA purchase the back cover of the program for $250.00 to honor their 30th anniversary and commitment to the arts in our community.

Ø Dial America Building – a new structure has been constructed at the rear of the small business. This was done without permits or county approvals – the DHA is working with the County to seek compliance with the Overlay or have the structure removed.

Ø A potential agreement between the DHA and Regency is in the works regarding this sign.

Perimeter CID District – No Update

Overlay District – Bill Phillips –

Ø No update other than the committee is working on the process to tighten the controls on the zoning and building permits.

Brook Run – Bill Robinson

Ø Meeting to be set on getting all of the Brook Run going and not just the garden.

Communications – Bill Robinson

Ø Article updates were given.

Membership – Sherman Dudley
Ø No Update.

PDK Report – David Fowler
Ø The oversight committee is working with the planners to alter the ILS approach to be relocated over Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Ø The new study to finalize the recommendations is to cost $5,000 with ½ of the cost to be paid by the neighborhoods to the north. Ken Wright moved that the DHA provide a $500.00 contribution to the study – motion carried.

Lemonade Days- Danny Ross

Danny Ross asked the DHA to continue its leadership support of the Lemonade days event for the 2004 year.

Don Boyken moved that the DHA provide a $500.00 contribution to the study – motion carried.