1. Zoning and Development

a. Mount Vernon Place: Bob Fehsken returned to the DHA Board to present a new version of the proposed development on Mt. Vernon place. The owners have acquired a third lot, giving them 80,000 square feet, and proposed R85 and 7 houses be built. They sited RA5 and R-60 as justification for their request.

i. It was pointed out that several tear-downs and rebuilds of R100 homes have been done recently.

ii. It was moved by Bill Robinson and seconded by Don Boyken to oppose the R85 request but we would entertain a design that built out at R100.

b. Bill Grant: Boxwood Development. Bill Grant presented to the DHA Board a plan for a sub-division along Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. The R100 proposal called for building 11 houses on a private road but would require several variances.

i. DHA Board discussion clearly pointed out that we needed more information before we could make a decision.

ii. Bill Grossman will request information on variances and design along this 700' frontage.

c. Wal-Mart Super Center: Wal-Mart presented plans for a sign variance, which maintains the overall sign size requirements but splits the size into 3 pieces. They will adhere to the agreed upon external sign lighting requirements as previously negotiated with the DHA.

2. Community notes

a. LT Gardner of the DeKalb North Precinct: LT Gardner gave an update on crime in the Dunwoody area.

i. Tagging, the spraying of graffiti on buildings to mark gang territory and “artistic” graffiti, is not a major problem in the Dunwoody area. Several members had complained that phone company boxes and walls were being marked. LT Gardner said that, while it is an issue, most of the problem is in the Buford Highway area.

ii. DeKalb Police are looking for a new Neighborhood Watch coordinator.

iii. Car break-ins are a problem. Biggest mistake is leaving things in the cars in plain sight. More common in the Mall area, but does occur in neighborhoods and apartment complexes at night.

iv. False alarms from home alarm systems are a huge problem. Only 1% of alarms are real emergencies. The balance are due to training errors or malfunctions.

v. Crime rate in Dunwoody is relatively low.

vi. North Precinct Number is 770-901-6012.

b. Peachtree Middle School update: Chip Franzoni and Dan Weber reported that the DeKalb School Board will vote to decide whether the additional money needed to build the new school should be approved this week.

c. School Board voted to approve bid for system construction audit. DeKalb will have the audit underway soon. Fran Millar noted that Fulton County’s audit revealed $75 million dollars wasted.

d. Legislature will vote on DeKalb School Board pay raise.

3. Brook Run: Playground is under construction and should be completed by September 2005.

4. Notes from the President:

a. Dennis Crean was welcomed as our newest Board member. He will oversee sidewalk and infrastructure improvements in the Dunwoody area.

b. Bell South: Quickly repainted the graffiti on several of its switching boxes in the neighborhood

c. DeKalb County School overcrowding: Meeting will be held at Perimeter College March 17 at 6:00 PM.

d. Future Funding Committee: Meeting to discuss infrastructure needs and funding options will be held at the Dunwoody Library March 10, 7:00- 9:30 PM).

5. Code infractions: Ken reported that two homes on Mt. Vernon Way and one on Mt. Vernon have been reported (due to neighbor complaints) and are being investigated. It is believed they are being used as drug rehab houses.

6. Website: Celeste reported that we are getting bids for the DHA logo redesign.

7. Mount Vernon/Ashford Dunwoody Intersection update: DHA Board has a meeting scheduled for Monday, March 14 at 11:00 AM to review new traffic studies for the redesign of this intersection. Meeting will take place in Commissioner Boyer’s office.

8. Communications: Nick Nicodemus will be writing the President's Report article for the Crier, March update.

9. Membership: No report

10. PDK: The State Attorney General has issued an opinion that all records for PDK should be released to the public. Fran Millar said that there is also a bill in the house that would require release of records, absent of any law directly prohibiting the release.

11. Discussion and votes:

a. Overlay District update:

i. Sunset Clause to end "grand-fathered" signs and force compliance was approved by DHA Board.

ii. DHA Board discussed how and who to appoint to the Review panel for the Dunwoody Village Overlay District. Bob Lundsten will discuss this with Elaine Boyer. Don Boyken suggested that the DHA should recommend the panel for the Board of Commissioners to confirm.

iii. DHA Board voted to contribute $500 to Stage Door Players for their annual fund drive.