Approval of Minutes

Upon motion and second, the February 11, 2007 minutes were approved.

Friends of DeKalb Education III—Cindy Anderson and Bob Chambers Splost III referendum is March 20. The website is and information for upcoming vote is on the website. Dunwoody High will get an auditorium and the outlook for the district is good. Dunwoody schools will benefit tremendously if this referendum is passed. They urged all to vote positively for this.

Zoning and Development

Fulton update. Representative Dave Greenspan
No report.

City of Dunwoody update
Tom Taylor reported that they are in a holding pattern until March 19 as the legislature is in recess until that time. Hearing with Austin Scott is week of 12th.

Sandy Springs Land Use
Bill Grossman had zoning and land use maps available for the Board to look at and make recommendations.

Crown Point Condominiums
The condominiums (35 story) will be north of Joey D’s and will be retail space and live work units. The site plan was shown with a change moving the motor court to western portion.

Community Pride

Street toppers
Barbara Dodds reported that 31 were placed in the last ten days and that there are 35 in inventory.

Web site changes
Al Tiede reported that he is working on revamping the website. Send anything to him that needs updating. Bill Robinson said that the Fourth of July Parade info needed to be updated. Chip asked Bill Grossman to look at the section on the Overlay District.

Code Infractions
No report

Community Affairs

4th July Parade
No report

Light Up Dunwoody Chip had information from Sharon Collins that Light Up Dunwoody will be Sunday, November 18, 2007

Young DHA
Mark Feinberg is interested in getting grassroots leadership from young residents of Dunwoody. A kickoff for this will be on March 26 at 7:00 at Dunwoody Tavern. He hopes this will bring in lots of volunteers from younger members of the community.

Brook Run
Chip has asked for a meeting with Marilyn Drew and she is trying to get approval for a meeting. Bill Robinson reported that the county does have benches for the playground but does not know timetable for installation. Contract has been let for demolishing the hospital

Messages & Updates from President

By-Laws update
Chip reported that the attorney is still working on this.

Shallowford Hospital
HCA has asked for a small group meeting before bringing anything to DHA Board. There is a meeting set up for Wednesday at 4:30. It was expressed that it is important for the group to report back to the Board on this meeting. Also expressed was how important it is to have planning for this area and that the community needs to have information and become involved.

Topper Initiative Volunteer
Volunteer still needed

This month’s Crier Column author is Bob Lundsten. Next month is Dennis Crean.

Dunwoody Preservation Trust
Chip thinks that we may need to make a donation to DPT and asked Bill Robinson to check into this.

Board Discussion and Vote
Bill Grossman reported that Home Shoppe (old Section House) was putting on an addition. He was told that they had a permit, but apparently they are using a permit dated March 2004. Code Enforcement is to check this out on Monday.

New Board Members
Welcomed Chip welcomed the following new Board Members:

Tom Taylor
Joe DeVita
David Lifsey

The meeting was adjourned. Next DHA board meeting is Sunday, April 8, 2007, 7:30 P.M. North DeKalb Cultural Arts Bldg, Rm. 4