Gordon Jackson, President, called the meeting to order.
Bill Robinson announced the Dunwoody Stage Door is sponsoring a wine tasting on April 22, 2008 at Fresh Market and tickets are $25.00 and you can get them from Bill.
Gordon introduced Tom Stubbs who is a candidate for DeKalb Superior Court. He gave us quick summary of his background.
The motion was made to accept the minutes of February 10, 2008 and the motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Zoning and Development – Bob Lundsten

  • Defoors Properties, Ashford Dunwoody Road, both applications to amend the Comprehensive land use plan have been withdrawn
  • Marcus Jewish Community Center, Assisted Living on Womack Dr., application for a SLUP is going forward as an application of a convent/monastery
  • Spring Hill Suites Hotel, by fire station, SLUP being withdrawn does not meet OCR requirements
  • Chequers/Fuddruckers property, Hammond and Perimeter Center Pkwy, asking for a full cycle deferral
  • Barry, Suntrust Trust Bank Property, working on agreement on parking

Community Affairs

  • City of Dunwoody, Tom Taylor, revote and now on to the Rules Committee
  • 4th of July Parade, Dick Williams, waiting on a vote on the City of Dunwoody, will need more parade marshals, and Susan Mitchell will get out article early for The Crier
  • Light Up Dunwoody, Sharon Collins, committee met once and discussing expanding light up to Shops of Dunwoody and would close part of Chamblee Dunwoody but Village Parkway would be open but still need to talk to shops of Dunwoody management or police yet. Bob Lundsten made a motion to add an additional ring to the tree which was seconded and passed unanimously
  • Parks Committee, Al Tiede, asked Commissioner Boyer to find out what is happening to the back 30 acres at Brook Run, accounting of 11.5 million dollars for park, open records from Parks and Rec. for 10 year plan Gordon asked if there is any money allocated to assist with maintenance for Dunwoody Park. Bob L. County is not legally bound to spend all of 11.5 million on Brook Run.
  • Code Infractions, Gerri Penn, reported that 1822 was being given notification about being over 30% of paving. Bob L. is going to send e-mails regarding any administrative variance request for Vermack Rd house with fence on public right of way this property. Fire Engine parked 24/7at Old Hickory House in Village will be reported to Code Enforcement. It was mentioned that the Dunwoody Medical Center’s new monument sign does not comply with overlay.

Messages and Updates, Gordon Jackson

  • PR, Susan Mitchell will be sending the Board an e-mail for President’s Message in The Crier, please respond.
  • The Villages of Dunwoody, Gordon said we will need to get a move on this as the economy rebounds and need to get our feet on the ground before then.

Board Discussion
Susan asked what is happening over at Ashford Place shopping Center since so many stores are gone now. Pier 1 has filed for Chapter 11.

Meeting was adjourned