Board Members in attendance were: Larry Adams, Joyce Amacher, Stephen Barton,
Kent Brooks, Randy Collins, Sharon Collins, Dennis Crean, Barbara Dodds, Bob Fiscella, Ken Fleishman, Bill Grossman, Susan Harper, Gordon Jackson, Susan Mitchell, Gerri Penn, Bill Robinson, Pam Tallmadge, Doug Thompson, Al Tiede, Joe Tuttle, Jean Williams, and Fran Millar Ex Officio.

Gordon Jackson, President, called the meeting to order and asked Fran Millar to make the introductions of officials in attendance: Councilman Robert Wittenstein, Municipal State Court candidate Sherry Boston, Superior Court candidate Denise Warner, and retiring Judge Robert J. Castellani.

Gordon introduced the Executive Board and then the general Board members. Gordon presented a slide show of a year in review. It included what we do in support of the community. It also defined our in working with the City including being a partner with the City on the Adopt A Spot program, working with the City with both the Sign Ordinance and Overlay Ordinances.

The Business of the Year was given to Bill Grant of Bill Grant Homes. Bob Lundsten, a former President of DHA currently serving on the City Planning Board, received the Community Service Award. Gordon announced that it is DHA’s 40th anniversary and then introduced some of the former DHA Presidents in attendance: Nick Nicodemus, Chip Franzoni, Joyce Amacher, Bob Lundsten, Bill Hurst , Chuck Trense, Bill Balser, Kerry deValette, Niles Thompson, and Don Converse. Gordon also announced that DHA will have its new office in Dunwoody Village and showed a mock up of the sign outside the new office. He also said that all DHA members received a Dunwoody map last year and this year they will receive a car magnet to show their support of DHA with their membership.

Pam Talmadge and her co chair, Penny Forman, announced that the parade would be on Monday, July 5th. The theme is Dunwoody Salutes our Volunteers and the Marshall is the Dunwoody Woman’s Club.

Sharon Collins, Chair of Light Up Dunwoody, announced that it would be celebrated on Sunday, November 21st.

Bill Robinson, Chair of the Nominating Committee explained that every two years we hold elections to replace two of the six Executive Board Members. The nominees were Doug Thompson and Randy Collins. They were elected by a unanimous vote.

The Words from Friends portion of the meeting included words from Kathy Florence of Dunwoody Preservation Trust. The Farmhouse renovation will be complete in 3-4 weeks and it will be used as an event facility accommodating 50-80 people. Mike Smith, Director of Public Works for the City of Dunwoody, spoke about the Storm Water Utility. He spoke of the Utility’s responsibility as far as maintenance which is the public right of way and easement. Our pipes are near the end of their life span and he showed us a slide of a pipe with its bottom rusted out. He said the City will provide stone for the owner to place inside a ravine/creek to prevent erosion. Mike Tuller, Director of Community Development, informed us that there is a Comprehensive Land Use Survey on the City’s web site that will end. He encouraged everyone to take the survey and let their voices be heard. Gordon said that Yvonne Williams could not attend and the PCID is working with DHA and the City on an overlay district.

After one question the meeting was adjourned and the Executive Board met to conduct their election. Renate Herod was not in attendance. Gordon Jackson agreed to another term as President. Barbara Dodds is continuing as Treasurer and Gerri Penn is continuing as Recording Secretary. Doug Thompson was elected unanimously as Vice President and Randy Collins and Renate will be Members at Large.

Gordon senses some new enthusiasm for the Village Committees. Each committee has a Chair. DHA needs a presence at the City meetings. Each Village Committee can appoint someone to attend the various City meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.