Pres. Bill Grossman welcomes Councilmen Terry Nall and Doug Thompson. From city staff – community development director Steve Dush & engineer Rich Edinger

  1. Approval of February minutes
  2. Marlow’s Tavern – John Metz – part-owner, executive chief addressed the board. Metz is also owner of Aqua Blue in Roswell. He just signed a lease with Regency for Calico Corners location for his restaurant. At present, he is not aware of any variances. He has completed the permit process. He would like a roof sign, but wants to make sure Dunwoody is comfortable with signage. Target for opening – end of May/early June.
  3. Bill spoke of Capital Grill (replacing Wildfire on Perimeter Mall parking lot). Parent company also owns Seasons. It is a high-end steak house. Fall opening.
  4. Dunwoody Preservation Trust - Tom McGuirk – special events vice president. Tom gave an update on Lemonade Days – 18th-20th of April. DPT appreciates past sponsorship. Said the DPT’s need for cash declined with completion of renovation of the farmhouse. However, DPT’s new initiative for 2012 – focusing on Donaldson Bannister Chestnut property. He said the net proceeds of this year Lemonade Days will go to DBC (barn and house in bad shape). McGuirk said, “we feel it’s our need to step in where city can’t and where DeKalb didn’t.” He said the DPT does not have a formal agreement with the city on DBC. Bill Grossman said DHA would like to see something “more formalized” such as a Memorandum of Understanding with the city. Doug Thompson says public-private partnership for DBC has been on table, but didn’t expect formalizing anything in the next few months. Unlike farmhouse, DPT doesn’t own DBC.
  5. Glaze Drive Dump – reopening. Larry Adams, speaking as resident and not board member. Larry spoke about the City of Dunwoody issuing a permit to drop 5,700 cubic yards of dirt on a .8 acre tract. Dush says city issued a land disturbance permit not a land use for a dump. Dush said city only learned on Friday that the amount of dirt to be dumped was 5,700 cubic yards and not 700 cubic yards. The road is posted – no trucks. City is looking into it – strong case that city will tell contractor he can only use smaller trucks. If more than dirt, city and state would be notified. 1,000 dump trucks will cause damage to road, city responsibility to repair it. Time frame of dumping – starting in two weeks. Edinger says no truck sign will likely render sight unusable for this specific contractor. (Limits truck traffic to 18-tons. A loaded dump truck is well over 20 tons). Questions were asked why weren’t residents notified. Was this the only option (this site)? Mr. Glaze gave written permission to re-grade property. No dirt has been dumped to date. This is likely the closest site for the contractor to dump. Bob Lundsten said this is a bad idea. Said if this was Dunwoody Club Forest “we’d be occupying the farmhouse.” Dush says this situation identified a gap in existing code that we can fix. DHA discusses with city officials the possibility of rescending permit.
  6. Adopt-A-Spot. About 14 spots need to be adopted, but sites need to be improved before even being adopted. DHA would submit plan to city to improve spots, and within 2 years to find adoptees. Should DHA take up this plan? This is the only formal partnership that the DHA has with city.

Board Only Discussion

Bob Lundsten makes motion to become major sponsor of Lemonade Days by donating $2,500 to Dunwoody Preservation Trust. Motion passes.

The board unanimously approves a motion that states, “The DHA is opposed to the landfill on the Glaze Dr. site because it is in direct conflict with the comprehensive land use plan. The DHA stands ready to support Glaze Drive residents in this matter.”

Meeting adjourned.