Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors
Fran Millar, Nancy Jester, Terry Nall, Doug Thompson
Approval of minutes for February 8, 2015 meeting:
Motioned approved unanimously.
Update on closing the office:
Robert thanked the board members who helped move remaining contents into storage unit on Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Rick Callihan has purchased the boardroom table and chairs.
Update from our DeKalb County Commissioner–Nancy Jester
Commissioner Jester announced the recent county budget approval essentially is a tax increase +14% for Dunwoody. She and Commissioner Gannon opposed the budget. Nancy did report that she had pushed forward a measure to allow Dunwoody contractors to do the water main replacements which should allow the paving of Mt. Vernon and Chamblee-Dunwoody roads to be completed this year.

Tony Mcbride, DeKalb’s deputy director of sanitation was introduced to discuss the results of the recent trash pick-up test and impending change from four pickups per week down to one. McBride said it was necessary to avoid an $80 per household tax increase, which has not occurred since 2006. Routes will be reduced from 78 to 52 and jobs will only be lost via attrition. City Commissioner Terry Nall did not think the test proved efficient and he intends to seek a bid on a hybrid proposal that could include a second trash pickup.
Dunwoody Nature Center — Sponsorship request—Alan Mothner
Alan requested DHA to restore it’s partnership now that the DHA budget is balanced.
Stage Door Players – Sponsorship request – Robert Egizio (No Show)
Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:
DNC Sponsorship request: Board unanimously approved the $500 allocated in the 2015 budget to support the Dunwoody Nature Center