Public Meeting
Announcements and introductions of distinguished visitors – State Senator Fran Millar,
Councilmen Terry Nall and Tom Lambert were in attendance.
Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting – Motion to approve by Bill Robinson and
seconded by Bob Barnwell and approved unanimously.
Updates on Grubb Development -
Grubb presented their proposal that came before DHA last year.  The DHA board was
unable to come to a consensus on what action to take so there was no formal content
from our group.
Grubb has attempted to negotiate similar concessions regarding green space,
apartment/condo ratios, and traffic control, with financial penalties for failure to meet the
goal of limiting rental units.
City Council had the same concerns as we did over the pros and cons of the
development, impact on schools, permitting of rental apartments for the first time since
City Council chose not to vote at that time on the development and discussion was
deferred to the March 26 meeting.

Update on Lemonade Days – Hope Follmer Lemonade Days was created 20 years ago
as a way to help tornado victims. It is he only fundraiser for the Dunwoody Preservation
Trust. They add new attractions each year. They are asking for a DHA sponsorship.
Last year we sponsored at the Bronze level. Hope said the Gold Level is $1,500.00.
Heyward Wescott announced that there will be a memorialization of the 20 th anniversary
of the 1998 tornado on April 8 th at the Kingsley Clubhouse.
Dunwoody Nature Center Construction Updates – Alan Mothner The Dunwoody Nature
Center is asking for a sponsorship at the silver level. Alan said the Austin build has
started and the main entrance to the Nature Center is closed. The impact on the Nature
Center is that some events have been cancelled. The Northwoods Pavilion will open on
My 24 th . 2017 was a great year for DNC with the adding of cultural and free events.
Monarch, Margaritas and Martinis is coming up.
Farmer’s Market update – Marian Avise They are having a lot of activity and great
response. The vendor list is growing daily. They have about 41 vendors but not all will
be there weekly. They are looking for more vendors and sponsors. Brandon Smith
represents farmers and has committed to a higher level of sponsorship. He will be

bringing his Georgia Peach Truck. Marian presented their budget. She said they may
sell market bags to make extra money. They have $330.00 in their bank account. They
are still looking for a Market Coordinator. They are asking for $4,500.00 from DHA. If
they have enough sponsors, they may not need all of it. The Market starts May 5th and
will run for 24 Saturdays. The vendors won’t need business licenses or permits. Bill
Robinson asked if the Market is considering being in the July 4th parade. Marian said
that the Georgia Peach Truck is considering being in the parade. Marian emphasized
that the focus is on food not a flea market.
Board Only
Lemonade Days Sponsorship - We did not budget for Lemonade Days. Bob Barnwell
motioned to not sponsor Lemonade Days and Marian seconded and it passed with 12
for votes and three voted in opposition.
Dunwoody Farmers Market – We did no budget for the Farmers Market. Su Ellis
motioned to fund the Farmers market with $4,500.00 and Bill Grossman seconded it. It
was approved unanimously. Kerry asked if this will remain a DHA component
permanently. Marian answered that it will for a few years. Fran asked what is the City
putting into it. This is a DHA Committee we are the ones putting in the seed money.
Dunwoody Nature Center – We budgeted $1,000.00. Su motioned to approve
sponsoring $1,000.00 and it was seconded by Kerry. It was approved unanimously.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by,
Gerri Penn
Recording Secretary