Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors

Adrienne said that planning for the Farmers’ Market was underway.  She also said we are looking for sponsors for the July 4th Parade.  Both Bill HB 302 and SB172 are dormant.  Both Mike Wilensky and Sally Harrell opposed these bills.  We must be vigilant for future bills like these that take rights away from cities in our state.  The new District 6 Commissioner for GDOT is Kevin Abel.

Distinguished visitors in attendance were Council Members Terry Nall and Jim Riticher, DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester, Former Mayor Mike Davis, and Bob Dallas.

Approval of Minutes from December 2, 2018, January 6, 2019, January 19, 2019 and February 10, 2019

Robert Wittenstein moved to approve and Bob Barnwell seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Legislative Updates Nancy Jester DeKalb County and Stan jester DeKalb Schools

Nancy Jester the County budget was just passed and it will lower the millage rates for Dunwoody.  There is a new owner for the Presidential Tower and he will be renovating it and it will be designed for senior living. Northlake Mall is being redeveloped.  Nancy has been publishing sewer spills in her emails.  She said the County won’t meet the June 2020 deadline for having the sewer issues resolved. The County is taking bids for ambulance services.

Nancy Jester also gave Stan Jester’s update for the schools as he could not attend. The biggest issue in Dunwoody schools is overcrowding.  Dunwoody High, Peachtree Middle and Austin Elementary had sewage problems.  DeKalb County Schools will be redistricted.  They need public meetings about redistricting.  Dr. Green will be at Dunwoody High on March 14 at 7pm.  Stan is asking for an independent auditor.

Mike Davis gave us an update on HB 196 which is a rewrite of a bill that was already passed concerning the ad valorem tax.  It is hitting Dunwoody businesses particularly hard.  Most of the businesses are owned by Real Estate Investment Trusts and the businesses owners are the ones being hit with huge tax increases. E. 48th Street Market got a 250% tax increase.  Wright’s Gourmet also got hit with a huge increase which clinched their closing. Bruce Levell, owner of Dunwoody Diamonds USA said he received a 43% tax increase and between sales tax, taxes, rent etc. it is hard for businesses to make it. Assessments are based on income not market value and they can’t appeal as they are not the owners, just renters.


Official Statement on GDOT I-285 plan 

Adrienne said that we should group together with other impacted communities and lobby.  Contact Kevin Abel.

Official Statement on HB302/SB172 and future of Bills limiting municipal authority Right now it is dormant so no action is needed.

Sponsorship for State of the City 2019 Bill Grossman moved to approve and Robert Wittenstein seconded.  Motion passed with one in opposition.

Sponsorship of Lemonade Days They did not come to us for Sponsorship

In Memory of Bob Lundsten Gerri Penn suggested that DHA donate an AED to the City in memory of Bon Lundsten.  Gerri Penn motioned to donate an AED in Bob’s memory not to exceed $1,000.00.  The motion was seconded by Bob Barnwell and passed unanimously.

Dick Williams Bill Robinson asked that DHA designate Dick Williams as Man of the Year.  It was suggested that we commission a portrait of Dick and we will discuss it at the April 14th Board Meeting.


Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary