1. The Davis Academy development was deferred for 60 days to allow DOT to work on intersection improvements.

2. The North Atlanta Church of Christ was still in discussion with local residents. Concern about water run-off from a 60-foot drop adjacent to the residential area was the main issue.

3. The development of 10 residential homes at the intersection of Spalding and Dunwoody Drive had been withdrawn.

Overlay District:

1. Of the four activities listed in the last Board minutes an update was provided on the following.

(a) The Phillips 66 gas station is under contract. The purchaser is not known.

(b) A meeting was held with Bill Grant on his new office development on Mount Vernon. A copy of the overlay ordinance was provided and agreement in principle reached on providing a 15-foot walkway fronting the new office. Bill Grossman and Bill Phillips represented DHA at the meeting.

2. The Overlay Ordinance is still stalled and is on the agenda for the Board of Commissioners meeting on 5-28-02. There is a meeting with the Planning department on 5-21-02 to resolve differences on the sign section of the ordinance and the approval process for new developments.

The Board unanimously passed a resolution to write to Ray White the Planning director to insist on his intervention with the legal department on our behalf. The letter would be copied to Elaine Boyer and Judy Yates.

A resolution to retain the services of Sandy Springs Revitalization Inc. to assist with the implementation of the Overlay requirements where they pertain to the Bill Grant development was tabled.

A resolution to set up an Implementation committee of the Board to implement the ordinance was passed.

Rick Jones volunteered as an attorney to try and gain direct access to the DeKalb County legal department for an explanation of the sign section being removed.

Brook Run:

The meeting was attended by a number of Dunwoody North Subdivision representatives who were concerned about developments at Brook Run. They heard an update provided by Bill Robinson on activities planned by DeKalb County, which currently were beyond the control of DHA. He informed the meeting that the six consulting firms who had bid for the Master Plan project had been narrowed down to two and that a winning bidder would be chosen soon. The Dunwoody North Delegation was asked by the DHA president to formulate a position paper and to bring it to DHA for consideration of support.

Fourth of July:

The meeting was updated on the event and registration form handed out to potential parade participants.


Because of the continuing delays with the Overlay District Ordinance an article by Bill Robinson will be written for inclusion in the Crier under the "From the DHA President" heading.

Summary of Action ItemsAction

1. Roberts Drive Intersection Don Boyken

2. Call Dekalb legal Dept. Rick Jones

3. Set up Implementation Committee Don Boyken

4. Ltr. to Ray White seeking assistance. Don Boyken

The meeting was adjourned.