Zoning Issue Presentations
Peachland Homes – Peeler Road development (Ty White)

Corner of Peeler Rd. and Winters Chapel – just outside Peachtree Industrial
Currently the property is the home to Glaze Hardware, and Auto Repair Shop, and Rental Homes
Redevelopment with commercial in the front and homes in the back of the property
40 town homes 3.5 of the total acres that are zones for residential
Commercial site will house a CVS or Walgreens, a second commercial site will house a Bruesters or something of that nature
Peachland is trying to create a pedestrian friendly type of property
Townhouse will be – ($215- 245K), two car garages, 2-3 bedrooms plus unfinished basement three story, approximately 2500-2800 sq ft.
Currently zoned for R-100
Asking to rezone for RM100 (which allow for 12 units per acre)
Bob L. – see what staff’s recommendation about the plan before it goes to session. The variance will be an issue that needs to be addressed.
Each townhouse will generate 5.1 elementary school kids, 2.3 middle school kids, 2.3 high school kids
New Hope Church – Roberts Drive (Travis Pruett)

They want to build a small educational wing for their new Mother’s Morning Out Program
Pastor mentioned the aesthetics of the property and how they try to contribute to the Dunwoody community
The church started a preschool and currently only have two usable classrooms
The proposed wing will have 4 classrooms in the expansion
They have previously met with the planning commission and the board of commissioners are waiting for DHA to comment
New wing specs - 3600 total sq ft (52 ftX70 ft) for the site plan.
DeKalb- Discussion with Carle Westmoreland regarding parcel on Ashford Dunwoody

Currently zoned R150 with two houses on the property
The plan is to develop the property into a self-storage facility
Reduce the frontage of the property from 75 to 65 ft, 5 stories in the back
Plan is contingent on DHA agreeing to the site plan and specifically the renderings provided at this meeting
Westmoreland is willing to condition this property to only be built for this use.
No on-site manager, hours of operation are 9-6(m-s) 1-5 Sunday
Goes to planning commission on Monday, and then to the Board of Commissioners in May
No on-site truck rental, no on-site recreational vehicle
Application is for O&D (only two types of zoning for this type of business - industrial designation, office distribution)
Fulton – Skyridge/Spalding property development – G. Harvey

DHA & neighbors went to the Fulton County Community Zoning Board who unanimously rejected
Board of Commissioners meeting next Wednesday, May 5th
David Cooper is the owner of the land
Overlay District – Amendment to allow personal services in O&I – Bob Lundsten

Hair Colors commercial in an O&I, was served by Dekalb County and was cited for cease and district (operating an illegal business under the current district O&I.)
Beads and More is operating in and O&I district
The district in Dekalb prohibits hair salons, day spas, Beads and More
Bob L. recommends that DHA agree to initiate Dekalb looking at solutions for presentation to DHA
It is key that we protect the O&I District on Mt. Vernon
Opportunity – make an allowance/amendment a special permitted use for personal services businesses such as hair salon
Bob and Commissioner Boyer can draw up a draft for the special uses of the O&I (within the overlay district)
Community Notes and Presentations

Eva Galambos – Q&A / Discussion on how a City of Sandy Springs would affect the Fulton County residents of Dunwoody.

The bill has died in session, the General Assembly let out the sewer tax bill and killed the SS Bill
Shirley Franklin did not put forth influence as promised
Sonny Purdue did not help
Sandy Springs is counting on a new make up of the General Assembly (Legislation) for next year
Eva laid out Special Service District taxes and how they affect Dunwoody
Fulton County said that everything SS bought up until now they will keep
Vernadette Broyles – State Senate, District 40

Dan Weber, Running for State Senate, District 40

Sonny Jester – Running for Dekalb School Board District 8

New Peachtree Middle School – No Update

Dan Spoke with the architect and the plan and renderings are being completed with the comments of DHA
Mt Vernon / Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Intersection – No Update

Dekalb Pipeline Project, discussion, vote on PATH bikepath – Nick

County is looking at the PATH commitment to use that as a path to get to the river
President Update
Dunwoody Village entrance sign on Chamblee Dunwoody Road-Bob L

Sign is down
Bill L. is working on the possibility to amend the overlay district
Perimeter CID District – No Update

Overlay District – Bill Phillips –

Overlay changes, overlay lighting
Brook Run – Nick Nicodemous

Trying to get the private part of park moving
Park’s & Rec. is putting in an office in the park (possibly to add security)
Communications – Bill Robinson
Monday July the 5th, same route and same time
Will communicate the parade via the May article in the Crier
Grand Marshall has been named – Dr. Wiley Stevens
Membership – Sherman Dudley
Continuing to seek membership
PDK Report – Barbara
2 Commissioners are very supportive of the study she presented
This recommends for residents of Dunwoody that the flight patterns go between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway
This study represents the citizens supported proposed noise abatement procedure
Board discussions & Votes

New Hope Church Approval and Support
DHA voted to support PATH project as outlined in letter from DeKalb county years ago to the DHA
DHA voted and passed vote to have Bob and Elaine draft a proposal for further discussions (one vote in opposition)
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm