Pres. Bill Grossman welcomes Commissioner Elaine Boyer, Councilors Terry Nall, John Heneghan and Adrian Bonser, as well as Jerome Edmonson, who’s running for DeKalb County CEO. Also in attendance were City Manager Warren Hutmacher and Director of Community Development Steve Dush.

Bill also announced new board member Keely Sime.

  1. Approval of April minutes
  2. Dunwoody Village Post Office, Green Market site change. Two representatives from Green Market presented their situation. They found out 3 weeks ago they would have to vacate (were not given any prior notice). They want to stay close to this location. The City has offered Brook Run or Dunwoody Park for relocation (Green Market has about 30 vendors and is open every Wednesday for 4 hours). Dunwoody Park appears to be a better choice. Post office has given 30 day reprieve (out the first week of June). Bob Lundsten reminded us that this is a “for-profit” entity. Green Market will pay special events fee for use of park. They are a private membership group and don’t have a business license (they said they didn’t realize they needed one).
  3. Zoning Code Re-write. Steve Dush provided update. Says the city will continue to have meetings for the public. Also invited public for input on the website. Says final draft for public review should be ready by the end of the year or the first of next year. Information is getting posted on the website every step of the way.
  4. Project Renaissance – A New Georgetown. Warren Hutmacher provided update. Said city will have an open house at 7pm, May 10 at City Hall. Representatives from John Wieland will be there. The city has until May 29 to decide if it is going forward with plan. $500,000 payment would be due after that. John Wieland is planning to build 106 homes (the number is fluid) with prices ranging from the low $300,000 to the high $500,000. The development agree with Wieland will be very specific.
  5. Berman Commons assisted living facility (on Womack Rd). Bill Grossman provided update. The requested variances were scheduled to go to ZBA this past week, but it has been kicked back until July. Bill says it is likely the stream buffer variance will be granted, and that according to Berman Commons lawyer, they have done a revised design on the roof which is conforming and acceptable to the adjoining homeowners.

Board Only Discussion