Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors

  1. Approval of minutes for April 2014
  2. Introduction of Community Development Director – Steve Foote
    Steve introduced himself and provided details on his experience and early impressions of Dunwoody’s challenges and opportunities. Steve also confirmed that the City had accepted the zoning appeal from the citizens of Manget Way who oppose the use of a single family home for a medical treatment facility.
  3. Georgetown Neighborhood – 285 silencers
    Susan Harper and Ken Odom representing the Georgetown neighborhood voice concern over increased trash and noise, in part a result of Georgia Power work. They also said sound barriers exist nearby areas of I-285, particularly near newer developments. The DHA agreed to ask the City for assistance in trash removal and Fran Millar said he would look into possible sound barriers and the state’s assistance with trash removal and clean-up.
  4. Discussion of proposed change to building standards
    Lengthy discussion centered on Councilman Terry Nall’s support to change the building code for brick and steel construction to be mandated for all structures greater than three stories v. the current five stories and above code. Bill Grant said the change would add 25% to building costs and drive development to other cities. Don Boykin also spoke in opposition claiming that this was an anti-apartment initiative. The Board took no action on the matter.
  5. Food Truck Thursdays – plan and budget
    Bill Grossman reported that the city had agreed to purchase a sound system to enhance the weekly live entertainment and the City would retain for other uses. He also announced a few early sponsors who had agreed to sponsor an individual week in the series and asked the Board to help solicit support for other weeks.