1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors:
Terry Nall, Doug Thompson

2. Approval of minutes for April 12, 2015 meeting—Joe Tuttle:
Stacey motioned for approval, Joe seconded.

3. Update on the DVP Condo project progress – Robert Wittenstein:
Planning Commission deferred their next meeting until mid-May. DHA agreed to voice their support of the project to the City and its relevant boards in exchange for the stipulated 11 conditions being met by developers.

4. Update from our Dunwoody City Manager – Chief Grogan representing the City on behalf of Eric Linton.

Updates and Issues addressed:


  • Mt. Vernon Rd. sewer construction
  • Winter’s Chapel corridor study (and Hammond Dr. joint study w/Sandy Springs).
  • New crosswalk on Till Mill adjacent to Dunwoody North
  • State Farm’s impending announcement to scale existing project with a 90,000 sq. ft. Phase II.
  • Evolving citywide trails system with the new Pershonal Park helping connect Georgetown to Brook Run. Dunwoody exploring a broader system with neighboring cities.
  • Police Specific Updates: Addressed the isolated national sentiments toward police: All City patrol officers are equipped with body cameras, considering equipping detectives.
  • Crime up 6% in Dunwoody; 50% of total crime is the Perimeter area primarily car break-ins and domestic cases at apartments account for a large majority of reported crimes.