1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors
    Introduction of candidates running for office including:
  • Susannah Scott, candidate for DeKalb County Tax Commissioner
    Susannah – special election May 24 to fill a spot Claudia Lawson
  • Sherry Boston – running for DeKalb DA
  • Tom Taylor, Terry Nall,
  1. Approval of minutes for April 21, 2016 meeting—Lindsay Ballow
  2. Discussion – Crown Holdings development proposal for 244 Perimeter Center Parkway (Goldkist site)— Board discussion
    New offer 450k reduction and cash for park $380k $1k per unit now doubled, development agreement for Westside connector, conditional approval
  3. Food Truck Tuesdays – Bill Grossman
    Series of foodtruck events at Pernoshal Park – 6 events starting summer Tuesday nights
  4. LED lighting conversion program for residential and small business– Larry Peck
    10% off w/ DHA code
  5. Funding Requests:
    CV Classic Peachtree Charter Middle School – Leslie Frohman
    5k race – Sponsor 10/22/16 (sponsor in the past)
  6. Discussion of board meeting starting time – Robert Wittenstein
    Discussion back and forth over whether to keep meetings at 7:30 or start at 6:00 PM

Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:

  • Support (with conditions) or Oppose Crown Holdings development proposal. (If with conditions, what conditions?)
    Discussion included why are we revisiting after our ‘final’ vote, option to support the proposal as listed 380 units, parking decks green tops, lose 450k sq support DHA Voted to support the new plan 8 to 5
  • PCMS funding request
    Unanimous agreement to support at $500
  • Possible change to meeting start time
    11 to keep meetings at 7:30