Public Meeting
Adrienne Duncan, President, called the meeting to order.
- Announcements and introductions of distinguished visitors…Councilman Terry Nall and
State Senator Fran Millar were introduced
- Introduction of candidates for office…Latisha Dear-Jackson is running for Superior Court
Judge, Stone Mountain. Genet McIntosh Hopewell is running for DeKalb Superior Court
Judge Division 7. Tunde Akinyele is running for Dekalb Superior Court Judge Division 7.
Michael Wilensky Is running for Houses District 79. Nicholas Smith is running for Dekalb
Superior court Judge Division 7.
- Approval of Minutes from March and April meetings… Bill Robinson motioned to approve
both minutes with a second from Amy Swygert. The minutes were approved
- Updates of Food Trucks, Farmers Market, & July 4 th Parade…Food Truck The first Food
truck was rained out. The City was the Sponsor of the May 3 rd Food Truck and provided
the band. The MAJCC Kosher Food Truck is rescheduled for May 17 th . Farmers Market
The first Farmers Market was May 5 th with about 1,200 people in attendance and some
vendors ran out of food. Mike Robinson, one of the Market Managers, said it went well
with a few things to improve. The Coffee vendor said this was the best market in her 6
years. Gerri Penn mentioned that they need designated handicap parking. Lynn Hassett
is the other Market Manager. July 4th Parade We have the materials for staging. The
winners of the Dunwoody Idol will perform. There will be a Bounce House.
- Fran Millar, Legislative update…Fran said this was the most productive session in his 8
years and hit most of his priorities. They lowered the State Income Tax. They need to
redo funding for K-12 to add in poverty factor. They put together a regional
transportation system for 13 metro counties. They are working on healthcare as
Washington failed. They developed an adoption code that changed 10 day to 5 days to
change their minds. The distracted driving bill now includes cell phones and goes into
effect July 1, 2018. They established a broader way for students to fund college and
have a need based $1,500.00. Fran is not in favor of arming teachers and will be on the
school safety study commission. Counties and cities can now regulate fireworks.
- Bill Robinson brought up a code violation at 4822 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd with weeds
2’ tall. Erika and Gerri mentioned overgrowth on Tilly Mill Rd. at N. Peachtree. Terry
Nall said that complaints can be filed at .
Board Only Discussion
Adrienne said the Farmers Market made $1,500 and could surpass the July 4 th Parade.
Costs for the parade have gone up with porta potties now $3,000.00.
Respectfully submitted by,
Gerri Penn, Executive Board Recording Secretary