Public Meeting

Announcements and Introductions of Distinguished Visitors – Adrienne introduced Dunwoody City Council Members Lynn Deutsch, Terry Nall, Jim Riticher, John Heneghan and Tom Lambert.  She also acknowledged DeKalb County School District Board Member Stan Jester.

Recap of Opening Days – Both Food Truck Thursday and the Famers Market kicked off on May 2nd and May 4th.  The City of Dunwoody was the sponsor of the first week of Food Truck Thursday.  Anyone can be a sponsor to use Food Truck as a platform.  The Farmer’s Market did well opening Saturday.

Request for FundingDunwoody Nature Center/Diana Phillips – They have lots of activities going on including concerts, camp, and eco-classroom.  They are requesting our continued support.

I-285 Updates/Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch – This started as Revive 285, then T SPLOST failed and it morphed into the current proposal which is intrusive to the Northern cities.   Bus Rapid Transit was not in original plan.  Light rail would be more intrusive and is not an option.  GDOT only does 30% of the design and the contractors the other 70%.  Lynn suggested to Kevin Abel on State Board that they create a policy to install barrier noise walls first, prior to any road work. Lynn said we should be going to the GDOT Public Meetings. The two meetings in Dunwoody are May 15 from 12-2pm at St. Luke’s and on May 22 6-8pm at City Hall. A Federal Environmental Study needs to be conducted including Emergency Response and the project depends on that approval to go forward. Lynn would like to see the excess GDOT right of way go to the municipalities.

Dunwoody Schools:  Who do we hold accountable and how do we do it?  Part 2 Councilman Tom Lambert

At our April meeting, Commissioner Nancy Jester said the City should be like the County, more involved with the School District.  That led Councilman Tom Lambert to do research into State laws regarding this issue.  He found that Cities have very limited powers regarding School Districts.  They have control over fire safety and erosion.  The State laws allow School Districts to have authority on their own property.  Tom met with Stan Jester, Nancy Jester, and Bill Floyd to discuss this issue.  Tom has full confidence in the City Attorney but the city is going to get a second and third opinion on this issue.  They reached out to the Georgia Municipal Association and the City is also drafting a letter to the State of GA Attorney General for their opinions.  Tom suggested working together with the School System in a four step approach.  Step1 In his meeting with Stan Jester last week, Tom asked Stan to make a presentation to City council. Step 2 is to put together a City Education Committee comprised of both parents and some Council Members as a way to approach the School System. Step 3 is getting cities to work together through the Mayors’ Council.  Step 4 is to work with Mike Wilensky and Sally Harrell at the State level to see if changes can be made to give cities more authority.  Stan Jester said that the School District has no desire to work with the City and we will need to go to the District.  It is important to attend Board meeting and male calls and send emails to the other  six Board Members.  Stan Jester is having a Town Hall Meeting.

Board only Discussion and Vote

  • Adrienne announced that both Rick Callahan and Joe DeVita have agreed to come back on to the DHA Board.
  • Adrienne said that Kent Brooks has resigned from the Board due to health issues and Joe Tuttle is staying on the Board.  She has not been able to reach Larry Adams.
  • DNC Sponsorship Request Bill Grossman motioned for a $1,000.00 and was seconded by Kerry.  It was approved unanimously.
  • Donation of AED device in memory of Bob Lundsten Joe Devita motioned to approve actual cost of AED and seconded by Kerry.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • DWC Home Tour Sponsorship Su motioned to approve $1,000.00 Sponsorship level and seconded by Amy.  Motion approved unanimously. 
  • Minute Approval Discussion Gerri suggested that minutes should only be approved during the Board Only portion of the meeting.  If there is no quorum then the minutes can’t be approved until the next meeting that has a quorum.



Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary