Bob Fiscella called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Adrienne Duncan is recording and streaming to You Tube live.

Bob Fiscella called the meeting to order the at 7:30.

Elected officials present at the meeting: John Heneghan, Stacy Harris, Joe Seconder,  Robert Patrick, and Anne Hill

Long Tran is running for Mike Wilensky’s District 79 seat.  He said he wanted to work on school funding and the labor issue.

Tom Taylor: announced that May is military appreciation month. And mentioned that there is a Memorial Day event that would be held in Brook Run.

He also mentioned concerns regarding the multi use trail in the in Winters Chapel area. He spoke about the neighbors that would be negatively affected.

He mentioned that there is a 20% police vacancy, and that crime is up 25%. He asked that we discuss this as an agenda item for the June meeting.

John Heneghan said the Winters Chapel multi use has been vetted. He said the Peeler plan is a rough draft. The councilplan/planning is still working on the details with the neighbors regarding trees/ fencing etc.

Gerri Penn brought up concerns on Tilly Mill trails. She said there is a link for a survey. She mentioned that there is a potential flooding issue. John Heneghan said they are aware of the problem and are looking into solutions.

Gerri Penn wrote a letter regarding the PDK master plan. She wants more information on how the plan would impact Dunwoody. She thought we should invite Mario Evans to share the plans with DHA.

Robert Patrick addressed her concerns in that they are not expanding runways. He said there would be more corporate planes. The flight plans would be handled on a federal level.

Anne Hill address concerns regarding the termination of the DeKalb County superintendent. She read a prepared statement reading the events that lead up to the termination. She brought up regarding financial and accounts issues. Many people had questions for Anna Hill.