Announcements and introductions:

  • Gerry Pen noted that some venders at the Farmers Market were not wearing masks.
  • Mindy Pillow, Superior court judge candidate-A runoff. She is a family law background. Asking for our vote on August 11th.
  • Tom Taylor reminded that early voting starts July 27th and mentioned absentee voting deadline



Adrienne mentioned the Farmers Market went well the prior weekend.  Happy with the size of the crowds and social distancing. Important to note that there is a no pets rule in place at this event.

Food Truck Thursday? Worried about crowds. Waiting to hear from Bill? On how to move forward or when it is safe to move forward.

Dunwoody Village buffering Talked about age restricted homes near the Dunwoody Nature center. Discussed the r1200 vs R50. The number of homes in the area and how it may or mat not impact Austin elementary school. Cost of home to be start at 750M size will be between 2200-2800 sq. ft. Ad showed a picture of the type of home to be built She is planning a visit to the site soon

Discussion about “ageing in place” housing. Caren asked about zoning

Dunwoody Knoll- R75 would get 10 houses rather than 15. The cost of homes and the profitability of difference size lots and numbers of homes. Rob explains why we need a dense center the closer you are to the village. Because the more a dense the walkable community Tom T. would like to walk the property Ad was already able to walk it but she said it was raining at the time.

Educate Dunwoody Update: New superintendent has been hired, Cheryl Watson-Harris.  Despina Lamas with Educate Dunwoody are happy with the news.

Code Enforcement- Tom Taylor-  Nothing is happening on this front. Gerry pen and Tom T. commented on the problems. Dunwoody has two code enforcement officers.  It was suggested that DHA write a letter regarding the problem and the impact on homeowners regarding gang activity in the area. Homes are being condemned on Tilly Mill, signage issues. Tom Taylor speaks to what gang activity looks like and the problem that arise if not addressed.


Board members only:

Police Department problems_ Kerry Motioned to have DHA to encourage the city to get an outside investigation. To find a way to make sure the problems do not happen again. Tom Taylor wants someone from the city to come to a DHA meeting to talk about the police scandal

Must talk about the 146 page report and the pending lawsuit. There is disagreement on whether DHA should ask for an outside investigation or if it is appropriate that this time.

There was a motion for Robert W to draft language to request an investigation and transparence in government.  All voted for the motion. Robert is to email his version of a DHA letter next week.

Adriene is going to write a code enforcement letter as well.

Adjourned at 8:52pm