Announcements and introductions:

  • Adrienne made the announcement for the Candidate Forum in the same room as our monthly meeting schedule for 2pm, March 29th. We will be collecting questions online.
  • Parade registration is now open online
  • April 4th Farmer’s Market @ Brookrun- weekly themes. 1 st week is sponsored by City of Dunwoody: Census initiative
  • April 30th begins weekly food truck Thursdays! Sponsored by the JCC
  • This is the last meeting until May 2020.
  • Dunwoody Marching Band gave DHA a think you picture
  • Dunwoody Police Foundation gave us a thank you note for our contributions

Candidates for Office:

Aaron Chausmer running for Judge for Dekalb County Superior Court- He explained the role of the court and his background

Emily Hallowbee running for DeKalb County Commission district 6.

Andrew Ziffer: candidates for Dekalb School Board. He gives us a background of himself. It and finance

Yolanda Parker Smith running for DeKalb County Superior court Judge

Ted Terry Former Mayor of Clarkston. Running for Dekalb County Commission Super 6

Anna Hill running for Dekalb Cnty Board of Education. She is a CPA and a mom.

Adrienne reminds people of the Candidate forum and how to submit questions

Michael Cowen from the Dunwoody Nature Center- gives us an update on projects and progress. He answers some questions and asks for DHA support. Fundraiser Monarchs and Margaritas will be April 25th featuring Bees Knees cocktail :0


Dunwoody Village public comments on how it will look and density plans. Concerns with homeowner’s protection

Bill Grossman explains the buffer and variances. And what was proposed. Now 150 ft min buffer for any redevelopment. He points to Carrie and Falicia who’s homes are near an effected area. Bill G. Is hoping to get finalized language. Says he is making progress. The following Tuesday is planning commission meeting. They can not delay the vote any longer.,

The discussion continued regarding transition plantings, if the DHA approval of existing covenants.

Educate Dunwoody update: Looking for a new superintendent. Redistricting plan: splitting up schools. More trailers coming to Dunwoody. Concerns regarding the Audit committee or the lack of an audit committee. Any questions were asked.

Tom Taylor spoke about code enforcement. Or the lack of code enforcement. He had many examples of violations that are not being addresses and the consequences of allowing this problem to fester. Much discussion on what to do about the problems. Who to contact to bring attention to this problem.


Board members only:

Approved Dunwoody Nature Center gift

DHA will come up with a statement regarding the code enforcement problem.

Someone motions for 130-120 FT buffer; Bill Grossman 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous