Announcements and introductions:

  • Debbie Fuse gave us an update on the Stage Door Players. She is looking forward to future events but does not know when they will be able to resume their activities.  She is hoping to do a program that focuses on bulling this summer maybe July or August. She is asking for $1,000 donation. She appreciates what we do as their fund-raising abilities have been curbed by the shutdown


Adrienne says bands are cancelling the Fourth of July parade. She thinks we need to revitalize the neighborhood participation in the parade as was done in the past.

Dunwoody Village Townhouse has an erosion problem. A sewer pipe is exposed. There is a concern about development in the village and impact on the surrounding homeowners’ properties regarding erosion issues

Gerry Pen mentioned people do not show up for zoning board of appeals meetings. Very few people from these affected neighborhoods go to these meetings.

Adrienne spoke with Joann and Penny Foreman regarding incorporating a parade in with light up Dunwoody this year. Many on the zoom call thought this sounded like a good idea. A suggested the theme “Dunwoody Gives Thanks” Discussion regarding potential venders to sell Hot Chocolate for the kids, Hotty Totty for the adults. Someone will need to reach out to Dunwoody Preservation Trust to coordinate this event based on past sponsorships etc.

Robert Wittenstein worries about a Nov. parade because of timing the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Tom Taylor reminds us that the primaries are June 9th. Mentioned the large volume of absentee ballots may cause problem getting the ballots mailed out in a timely manner.

Educate Dunwoody-  Despina Lama said there is a nomination for superintendent  Dr. Cruz She suggested maybe DHA write a letter to Dr. Cruz