1. Community notes and presentations

Ø Bunky Way – Status update - dispute between neighbors. The DeKalb board will review the 2nd Tuesday of November without any additional public comments

Ø Land Donation for a park- Discussion between Dekalb and landowner is ongoing

Ø PDK update – Bobby Petreca – Wyntercreek Subdivision-Ms Petreca presented her observation of many, many loud low planes flying over her house. She has contacted PDK and found out of a new flight pattern that was being tested until December 3rd. Additional comment was heard regarding numbers to call at PDK for noise complaints.

2. Zoning Issue Presentations

Ø Dekalb County – Ridgeview Development – A 60 day deferral has been granted

Ø DeKalb County- a presentation was heard by the lawyer representing Jack Warner (sic) developer on their purchase of four homes, 3 ½ acres on Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Valley View. The developers are planning on asking for RA5 from R100 and would put 13 homes on the land, or 1 per .3167 acre. They discussed plans for 2 possible entrances to subdivision, 1 off Valley View and 1 off Chamblee Dunwoody Road. The houses would be 2,800 square feet starting at $500,000 and up ”Depending on the market”. Planned on brick pears with wrought iron fences surrounding the subdivision.

Ø Attendees and board members at the meeting expressed their opinions on the idea, with 100% of the at large comments expressing no support for the development. Reasoning was that R100 along Chamblee Dunwoody Road was the de-facto condition that DHA has supported since inception.

Ø DeKalb County – Office building variance (Amacher) new design plans are currently being reviewed by DHA exec board.

Ø DeKalb County – Blue House Property- A developer is seeking R100 development.

Ø Fulton County – Bailey Estates Expansion - Bill Grant will be doing the development

Ø Fulton County – Davis Academy – Status Update- Condemnation of 1 house is being considered for new intersection design.

3. Questions & Answers – Discussion was held regarding the Valley View -Chamblee Dunwoody properties and why Eidson Hall was granted special zoning to build. A motion was made (listed under motions)

4. Signage:

Ø Al Nordone Dentist in Dunwoody Hall has new wood sign that looks great.

Ø Carriage Cleaners in Dunwoody Hall has new word sign that looks good.

Ø Redevelopment of BP/Amoco at Chamblee Dunwoody/Mount Vernon was discussed and Ken has been attempting to set up a new meeting to discuss: New wood sign is higher than original Amoco sign, bricks on same sign are in disrepair, plastic signs near roof should be wood, metal banners are illegal & lights are too bright.

Ø Ken and his business partner removed over 50 illegal signs on telephone; poles, in right of way during lunch last week on North Peachtree/285 up to Orchard Park .

Ø Many, many reoccurring illegal signs and vandalism on public property in the way of stickers on stop signs and utility boxes from 2 skydiving companies. (A motion was made listed under motions.)

Ø Dunwoody Hall High Cotton banner and illegal banners on poles are still present. Don Boyken will contact Regency.

5 –7 Membership, Perimeter CID and Overlay District - No reports

8. Support the local merchants, Gary Meyer - No report

9. Brook Run - Update – Nick – Presentations of master plan are being held in the north and south of DeKalb County .

10. Light up Dunwoody- Margot Cole reported: Multiple committee meetings have been held. November 24th is the day and all is on track. Ads will be in the Crier.

11. Communications-Monthly updated- Bill Robinson- January 26th article will be in the Crier.

12. Membership Drive- Sherman Dudley- 15,000 inserts will be in the Crier coming soon for membership applications.

13. PDK Discussion- No additional discussion was held tonight

14. Executive Board votes:

Chamblee Dunwoody/Valley View Rezoning from R100 to RA5

A vote of not supporting the rezoning was held - 100% to defeat the rezoning.

Skydivers business’s illegal signs and vandalism

100% in favor vote was taken to notify both the businesses and the district attorney that this littering is to cease and all vandalism is to be fixed or the DHA will pursue charges with the District Attorney.

Election of 2 Executive Board Members

100% in favor for Ken Wright & Sherman Dudley to serve standard term of 3 years.

Meeting adjourned around 8:45 p.m.