Community Notes and Presentations

  • Brooke Nebal introduced the DHA to her firm.  The firm “Help around the corners” is a pre-qualifying agency for home renovation and remodeling contractors.
  • Stage Door Players – Bernie Marino presented their 2004 season along with a request for support.  A motion was made by Bill Robinson and seconded by Fran Millar to support their work with a $500.00 donation.  Motion passed.
  • Senator Levetan is hosting a coffee on Thursday November 6th at Perimeter Mall Nordstrom 3rd floor Café.
  • CVS property at the Farmhouse has been sold to a group in Hawaii .  The Farmhouse parking issue will be addressed by designating some spots near the retaining wall.
  • Local School impact from development - Gordon Jackson provided an update as to some of the programs that are being discussed.  Indicated that Sonny Jester will prepare an article on one of the items for the Crier.  The article will attempt to explain the concept “Balanced Enrollment”.

Zoning Issue Presentations

  • DeKalb County – BP Expansion – a general discussion was held regarding the zoning proposal received from BP.  Several changes were suggested and a motion was made by Bill Robinson and seconded by Fran Millar was to have Ken Wright offer the following three counter proposals to resolve the questions.  1 - Remove the “rook” style parapet caps and replace with a standard roofline.  2- provide brick enclosure to roof supports for the pump island structure.  3 – provide residential type window/shutter construction at the ends similar to the AT&T switching station located at the corner across from the library.
  • DeKalb County – Corner of Ashford Dunwoody and Mt Vernon – a variance to the previously established agreement is being requested.   The applicant wants to reduce the building office space to 12ksf from 16ksf and the related parking spaces.  Bill Grossman reminded everyone that the previous agreement included architectural drawings as part of the agreement.  Bob Lundsten requested a copy to be sent to him so that the county could include them with the application.
  • Fulton County – Dunwoody Club development is the rezoning of 4.7 acres on Dunwoody Club across from Mill Glen.  The original request had 10 lots but this has been reduced to 5.  The plan for 5 units appears to be acceptable and the final agreements will be worked out.
  • Fulton County – Pitts Road – Zoning application has been submitted for the property to the west of Pitts Road .  The property is approx 7 acres with 20 units.  The conditions that were established for the property on the other side of Pitts Road are the basis for the agreement.
  • Fulton County – Dunwoody Club Drive – Church Development – no update.

President Update

  • Annual meeting is scheduled for January 25th at 2:00 pm .  Location has changed to the Dunwoody Methodist Church – Fellowship Hall.
  • Dunwoody Village Parkway shrubs are to be trimmed.  Martin Cook and Bill are to work out a solution.  Ken Wright said that funds are available to assist if they are needed.
  • Dunwoody Village entrance sign on Chamblee Dunwoody Road – the county has advised that they have officially rescinded the sign permit.  The developer will now be cited by the county for an improper sign and will have approx 10 to 30 days to remove it.

Membership – No Update

  • This work by Joe is thought to be under Sherman ’s area and will be combined.

Perimeter CID District – No Update

  • Ken Wight will be attending a walkable communities workshop sponsored by PCID Monday 4th

Overlay District – Bill Phillips

  • Working on an update to the overlay district and expects to have a draft for review by December.

Support the local Merchants – Gary Meyer – No Update

Nominations – Bill Robinson

  • Bill and Nick are seeking input for officers to replace the two officers that are rotating off the board.
  • The two officers rotating off the board are Don Boyken and Rick Jones.

Communications – Bill Robinson

  • Bill pursued articles for upcoming release.

Membership – Sherman Dudley – No Update

  • Working with Gary on the Businesses Joining the DHA.
  • Started working on next year’s membership campaign.

PDK Report – David Fowler

  • David filed the following information.
  • June 2003 had 236 curfew violations - 48 from repeat offenders.  This is down from the 313 experienced in June 2003
  • Of the 150 complaints received, 34% were because of curfew offenders.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm