1. Zoning/development:

  • Daryl Cook wants to rezone 1.189 acres (Fulton County) from AG-1 to R3 to build two detached homes. Board voted to disapprove -- violates Land Use Plan.
  • Spruill Arts Center wants to change zoning to develop a mixed-use complex on acreage adjacent to the Center. The development will include 50,000 sq. ft for the Spruill Arts Center, 30,000 sq. ft for retail and 230-240 high end apartments (65% one bedroom; 35% two bedroom). Current zoning, O&I, will allow apartments and Spruill Center units; retail will require a change to a new zoning category not yet approved by DeKalb County. The developer will sign a 99-year lease for the property because dded restrictions require this and the land can not be sold. Apartments will be supported by under ground parking. Board voted to approve project.
  • Developer for DeKalb County presented a plan to build a new Raw Water Treatment Plant on the Chattahoochee River at Holcomb Bridge Road, and install a new 96" water line in the Georgia Power easement, terminating at the storage facility east of Peeler Road. Property owners along the path of the water line object to restrictions DeKalb places on use of the easement that are not required by Georgia Power and the minimum reimbursement for displaced property in the easement. The Board asked the DeKalb official to determine options to better address the problems of the homeowners and find money to return the easement after the work to the way it was before as is Ga powers policy.
  • Several signs in shopping center on east side of Dunwoody Village Parkway do not conform to DeKalb Overlay District code. Most have not applied for a variance or sign permits. Board will hold to the letter of the code and ask for code enforcement.
  • Rezoning (variance) requested to permit construction of homes on property along Peeler Road near intersection with Winters Chapel. Board concurred with conditions negotiated by the DHA earlier.
  • Chevron at intersection of Dunwoody Club Drive and Jett Ferry Road will make suggested changes to roofline of pump island and to main building.
  • WALMART is suing DeKalb County to allow 24-hour operation when store on Ashford-Dunwoody Road is remodeled to become a Super WALMART. All other conditions asked for by DHA remain in force. Board will let DeKalb County defend reduced hours of operation.

2. Dunwoody Village Overlay District: Board representatives asked BP, BB&T and dental office on Mt. Vernon Road to conform with DHA’s funded Overlay demonstration project via EDAW.

3. Community notes:

  • Pat Grayson presented status of effort to resolve issues related to day laborers that gather at the corner of Tilly Mill and Peachtree Industrial roads.
  • Atlanta Regional Commission projected growth figures for Fulton County portion of Dunwoody. Eva Galambos will send survey to residents on preferred growth (slow, moderate or heavy).
  • After meeting with MARTA re buses speeding in school zone on Roberts Drive, Al Tiede will ask Laser Craft to set up a trial of equipment that takes a picture or any vehicle that exceeds the posted speed limit by 5 MPH.
  • New Peachtree Charter Middle School update: no change.

4. Brook Run: Nick Nicodemus reported that the Children's Adventure Garden contract should be awarded soon.

5. Updates by president:

  • Welcomed Chip Franzoni to Board.
  • DeKalb Bond Blue Ribbon Committee - Ken Wright appointed Bob Lundsten.
  • Displeasure over purchase of Christmas tree resolved by Margot Cole.

6. Code infractions: Gerri Penn noted that we need to hold firm on requests for variations to signage and other code requirements since subsequent merchants expect same consideration. Further, Officer Wallace is conscientious and will remove and cite any illegal signs.

7. DHA Web Site: Celeste Webb reviewed proposed changes to web site and recommended that it "go live." Board concurred.

8. Mt. Vernon - Ashford-Dunwoody intersection update: DeKalb studies concluding and next meeting should be set shortly.

9. Communications:

  • Ken Wright will return for a third year as president of the DHA. Celeste Webb and Chip Franzoni will be recommended for the Executive Board at the annual meeting in January 2005.
  • Ken Wright will write December 2004 President's Report for Crier -- year-end summary and announcement of annual meeting.

10. Light up Dunwoody: Margot Cole reviewed plans for parade on November 20 and Farm House and Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on November 21. Margot Cole announced that she will chair Light up Dunwoody next year vice Marion Jones.

11. Membership: Sherman Dudley led discussion regarding one-time reduced membership fee requested by HOA. Board decided to not change existing policy and recommended Executive Committee discuss other initiatives to increase membership.

12. PDK: PDK has received a $4.5M federal grant; $1.9M will be used to update the master plan. Citizens are encouraged to participate.

13. DHA Board voted to send letter to Commissioner Boyer asking that a text amendment be added to the current O&I zoning classification that would change the current law that allows residential development over 5 stories to be built with no public input.