Following a DHA sponsored DeKalb County Bond Forum the November meeting of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association began

I. Zoning Updates:

a. Anchor property, Mount Vernon and Jett Ferry. Bob Lundsten reported that all permits appear to be in place and construction has begun. Bill Grossman has arranged a meeting with the builder to review the project and design, although it appears that the developer has gone ahead with the plans that call for a “warehouse” look. Dennis Crean of the DHA board stated he has numerous calls to the county regarding the sidewalk design around this property to no avail. Dennis will plan to meet with Anchors to make sure the sidewalk ties into the existing sidewalk infrastructure.

II. Quizno’s:

a. Request from Quizno’s to erect a monument sign in the right of way of Dunwoody Village Parkway was presented by Bill Phillips. The DHA cannot support any monument signs in the right of way, as they are not permitted in DeKalb County. It was the huge monument sign that was built by Regency (Walgreen’s) that brought this issue to light. The County ruled that the sign could not be in the right of way.


a. Sidewalks and pavers are installed after a compromise was reached between DeKalb County, DHA and Bank. Location of pedestrian benches and trees are being discussed with Bill Phillips.

b. Several complaints regarding the lights have been received by the DHA from the Ashwood neighborhood. These complaints have been passed on to the executives at BB&T.

IV. Ashford Dunwoody/ Mount Vernon intersection update:

a. Project has been delayed.

b. It is now slated for 3rd quarter 2006 completion.

c. Bill Grant is working on the design of the park and favors some type of water feature.

V. Light up Dunwoody:

a. Scheduled for November 20th. It will be a one day program this year. Signs are up.

b. Parade starts at 2 PM.

VI. Sign Toppers:

a. Celeste Webb presented ideas for purchase of DHA Sign Toppers. Signs cost $32 a piece. Celeste has a plan to package the signs with other DHA items and sell them to sponsors at a package price of $45. Each package will include a license plate, key chain and DHA sticker.

b. Discussed the location of sponsored signs. It was decided that a specific sign (location) should not be assigned to any sponsor.

c. It was moved that the DHA would purchase 125 Sign Toppers. Sponsors will purchase signs from the DHA, and, DHA will cover installation costs.

VII. Newsletter

a. Moved and passed a motion to print 15,000 DHA newsletters for a cost of $2,250. These 4 color newsletters will be distributed via the Crier.

VIII. Brook Run:

a. Nick reported that playground is open. Water features are under redesign for safety reasons.