Chip Franzoni, president, called the meeting to order. He explained the flip in agenda and the addition of Bill Robinson to the agenda.

There was a motion to approve the minutes which was passed unanimously. Chip introduced the elected officials in attendance: Dave Greenspan, Jason Anavitarte, Donna Pittman, Marlene Haden, Ed Lowe and later Tom Hart.

Dave Greenspan gave an update for District 1 , city of Sandy Springs. Crime is way down. They are initiating a neighborhood crime Watch Program. They have been getting helpful tips. They have a fire chief and have received 800 applications for 85 positions. They have a fire chief and will take possession of their trucks in about 3 weeks. They have a 12 month EMS program plan. All police cars will have an AED. All firemen will be EMTs. They will have life support in ambulances. A training program for life saving techniques will be available to citizens for a nominal fee. Dave spoke about passive parks in two schools and one active park at Sandy springs Midlle School. The Kessler Property Hotel is one of the zoning issues and there has been a reduction in density. He talked about two projects on Roberts Drive. Darryl cook is suing the city. He also spoke about the Nesbitt Ferry Farm issue. They are working on improvement for the Spalding Drive/Roberts Rd intersection as well as diverting traffic from Spalding to Holcomb Bridge for GA 400.

Carver Circle- Mike Bush from Ashton Woods along with Mark Forsling and one other person(jody?) gave a presentation on their plans for Carver Circle. Mike Bush gave a bit of background on the company history. They have been working on putting together the Carver Circle assemblage since 2004. The current homes there have reached their economic height. There are 23.91 acres and current conceptual plan is drawn for 255 townhomes but are allowed 286. There will be two types of units with price point from the 250s to 300s. A question and answer session followed.

Q how many homes outside the assemblage, A 6 homes comprising 8 acres and 15 homes in the assemblage for 23.91 acres including the flood plain
Q About Ridgeway assemblage A. Developer backed out
Q How much of property in flood plain A not much, then no more than 3 acres, no hydrology until after rezoning
Q Are the streets private and is the lot size part of the street A the interior streets will be private and they haven’t determined if using the street for the lot size
Bob comment: When get to rezoning of this type in Dekalb the site plan is complete including recommendations. He asked how detailed of a proposal does Doraville get before vote. A This is “close” to the way it will be built. They will have to work on conditions
Q Was traffic impact conducted A it will be presented tomorrow at the meeting
Tom Hart- Street and tree buffers less than Dekalb
Ben Crawford from Doraville Planning Commission spoke about positive the planning commission meeting was and there were people from Dunwoody who were Happy
There were 5 people who are under contract at tonight’s meeting
Q this is an odd piece of property tucked away. Was any research done on the saleability and determined the percentage of rentals versus owner occupied A It is its own enclave and only go there if you live there. They will have cap for rentals. There is an economic downturn in housing but closer in locations do better
Q What is build out schedule A Closing 60-90 days after rezoning with 6-8 months on building. Hoping to sell 4 a month
Nick addressed Vintage Lane(in Dunwoody North) flooding concern and feeling that this could make it worse
Q Can you relandscape flood plain A Flood palin stays undisturbed. Hydrology study does run off currently and after and must retain 110%
Q How many 3 bedroom homes A 117 and .4 children per unit and spoke about cut through traffic concern for Dunwoody North
Bob not concerned about density but concerned about greenspace, concerned about rentals condition. They said it won’t go rental and will be 100% owner occupied

City of Dunwoody Update- Ken announced there will be an informational meeting on November 12th from 4-6 Pm at Dunwoody Baptist church. Q & A session at meeting. Nick told story about Dekalb Police helicopter and how City of Dunwoody could not do that and Ken suggested bringing it up next Sunday

Tilly Mill Cobb Drive assemblage- Elaine Holliday owns property and explained the assemblage and wanting to rezone it to R75 with 6-8 homes in the $600s. it is approximately a 2 acre parcel 260 feet by 400 feet. Bill Grossman asked what the DNCA position is and and I said if there is no developer by the time of the rezoning hearing we cannot support it as it would be supporting a blank check. Elaine had the land surveyed and will come back further along the process.

GID meeting, Bill Grossman. It is at Hammond Dr and Perimeter Center W. A 60 acre lot bought by a Boston Company and includes and empty lot and 4 office buildings and 2 would be leveled. They are not sure what they are doing with the property and haven’t made any applications to the county and will come before DHA before making an application.

Ashford Dunwoody water feature- Bill Grant asked Steve fuller to revise plan. Bill would like to see more grass and less concrete with sidewalk along the perimeter and the water feature

Community Pride- Barbara said that we still have 55 toppers in the inventory and have sold 75 toppers. Some came in with dues. Mailing for membership was successful with 179 new members and 5 weeks ahead of where we were last year. Barbara thanked Dick Williams for the Toppers ad in The Crier.

Code Infractions- Gerri reported on meeting with Elaine Boyer. We explained our concerns that there are no sweeps and only one person covering our area and disorganization in Code Enforcement. Elaine’s assistant is supposed to be setting up a staff meeting including the head of Code Enforcement, Acting Chief of Police, Officer Zellars if possible, Elaine and Chip, John and Gerri. Bill Grossman asked to be notified about that meeting as he would like to attend. Gerri also reported that the 6 businesses that are improperly in O&I were given to Elaine Boyer who is going to channel to the right dept. Gerri asked about the property at Valley View and Ashford Dunwoody that is a mess and was told that supposedly the owner is building a 2 million dollar home and there was an article about it in The Crier.

Community Affairs, Light Up Dunwoody-Dick and Al gave us a report and were very excited about the children’s part of it that will include children’s choirs and some crafts and will be in a new location in the Flag Bank lot. Al got Santa and music at the Farmhouse and then they will got to the Nature Center for cocoa. There won’t be a parade.

Marta Meeting- Al contacted Marta about speeding buses in the Austin school zone. He sent his previous complaint history to the new head of Marta, Mr. Parker and asked for a meeting. The meeting was expedited when a Marta bus was ticketed for going 48mph in a 25mph school zone that is 300 yards of road. He was pleased with the meeting and Mr. Parker said he will speak to drivers and posted info for staff at dispatch. It was productive as there is 85% compliance up from 30%

Update from Chip
There is a new landscaper for maintenance of islands and thanked Joyce Amache for taking on the job of coordinator. She has done so much already with the new landscaper, pine straw and straightening out billing. The mystery was solved and Matt Dewhurst is responsible for the planting in the island at N. Peachtree and Tilly Mill. Bill Grant said he would maintain it(I think).

Chip thanked Bill Grossman and Bob Lundsten for working on the signs for the new RBC Centura at the Flag Bank location.

Chip thanked Dick Williams for the Topper Sign ads.

Brook Run Conservancy Update- Bill Robinson said the renaming ceremony of Brook Run was today and was very nice. He feels Liane Levetan will be an asset in the fund raising efforts. The conservancy filed for a 501C3 with IRS. He read a letter to chip thanking DHA for their support of the conservancy that gave a boost to the public/private partnership of Brook Run

Discussion portion-
Q about the Dunwoody Emory Hospital vacancy and crime concerns. Nick suggested contacting N. Precinct

Jean Williams asked for DHA support for Stage Door Players. A motion was made for a $500.00 donation which was seconded and passed unanimously

Chip thanked Tom Hart, Doraville City Councilman for staying and there was a short conversation about design issue with condition being “could be”. We should push for deferral. Gerri is speaking for DNCA and Bill Grossman will speak for DHA.

The meeting was adjourned.