Gordon Jackson, President, called the meeting to order and welcomed Board Members and visitors. Gordon thanked the Board Members who made nominations for new Board members and announced the three that were present, Ken Brooks, Larry Adams and Steve Barton. There were no announcements. Gordon stated there was a correction to the minutes that Renate Herod not Bill Grossman was on the Nominating Committee. The minutes were approved unanimously with the correction.

Zoning and Development

  • Dunwoody Personal Care Homes in R-100 – Gordon said this item is on the council agenda in the future. It was explained to the Board that this is currently an allowed use in R-100 and is not considered a Home Occupation. They can have no more than 6 occupants. Councilman Wittenstein explained that Mayor Pro Tem Shortal asked the council to explore if it is still appropriate for the City. Stacy felt we should vote on whether we support Personal Care homes. The motion was seconded and we voted unanimously to support Personal Care Homes in R-100.
  • Dunwoody Cell Tower – Gordon was contacted by someone representing his own company who wants to place a cell tower in Dunwoody. This will go to the Williamsburg Village Committee. Councilman Heneghan said that the New Clear is extending their tower on Barclay at the Fire Station. Bob said there are strict guidelines and restrictions for these towers.
  • Additional Fast Food – Gordon said that an Arby’s and Wendy’s combo want to locate in the parking lot at Perimeter Point in Sandy Springs. Their headquarters are right across the street and they want to make this a premier location. The rezoning is in Sandy Springs and Gordon will hold a village committee meeting.
  • Pet Chickens – This ordinance to allow 8 chickens is working its way through the City process. Andy Schneider who is the backyard poultry whisperer spoke to us about pet chickens. He lives in Johns Creek which allows backyard chickens used for their eggs. He said that chickens are quiet and sleep through the night. Chickens can smell but having 6-12 is not the same as having a large coop. They have mice/ rodent proof feeders. He said there is no evidence to prove that chickens lower surrounding property values and they are allowed in other cities. Besides being good for farm fresh eggs, chickens are great for getting rid of mosquitoes and the poop can be used as fertilizer. Six chickens produce about a dozen eggs a week. Councilman Wittenstein said that the City can’t count chickens as pets so they need a special ordinance to allow them. He feels it is a bad idea to have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. The chickens would have to be registered. Andy answered a few questions about chicken life span, how long the eggs last, slaughtering of chickens for food etc.
  • Dunwoody Hall Filling Station – Gordon said Regency has a couple of folks looking at the old Shell Station site. The Dunwoody Village Committee will meet once Gordon has more information.

Community Affairs

  • Adopt-a-Spot – Bill Robinson is trying to get the City to choose a sponsor for the triangles at Peeler, Chamblee Dunwoody and N. Shallowford.
  • LUD – Gordon said plans are going well and to please let him know if you know of potential sponsors.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri had nothing to report
  • Fran Millar brought up that the City is considering a pre meet for developers to meet with DHA before coming to the City. All of City Council is supportive of this but staff was against it. It has yet to be decided.

Messages and Updates from President

  • DHA Office Space – Gordon announced that the new office will be Located in Dunwoody Village in the space next to the Copper Pig. The Office Space Committee visited this location.

The meeting was adjourned.