1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors
    Fran, Terry, Tom
  2. Approval of minutes for October 9, 2016 meeting—Lindsay Ballow
  3. Presentation and Discussion – GLASS (Georgians for Local Area School Systems) update – Tom Taylor, Heyward Wescott, Erika Harris
    Tom Taylor - Outside forces, including teachers unions, put in $5 million into vote against Opportunity School District list 152 out of 159 counties voted against. It’s an uphill battle. Needs to be a statewide effort. Erika Harris – Reviewing OSD vote, review data. This is not a near term thing.
    Fran – Uphill battle. Only 2 years left of Gov’s term. After OSD, no one will want to rattle education.
  4. Dunwoody Senior Baseball - John Crawford and Jimmy Wood – DSB – Bottom of the 9th for them. Will be moved to Peachtree Middle School fields, would like to move to the back area of Brook Run Park. They play every day. Schedule starts at 4:00 PM, school lets out at 3:55. Middle school parents against.
    Stacey Harris – The fields will be fine. DSB wants fields that will be single purpose, boys only. DSB will lose nothing moving to the middle school.
  5. Request for support for Kingsley Elementary School – Erika Harris and Ana Crisbilbao
    Request $500 for various items, STEM lab, classroom library program.
  6. Request for support for Vanderlyn Elementary School – Kim Wolfe and Julie Hagar.
    Julie – Request $500 for the Vanderdash – Gold sponsor level, will go towards new playground.
  7. Board only session: Votes as needed on any motions including:
    - Kingsley Elementary School request for funds ($500 budgeted)
    - Vanderlyn Elementary School request for funds ($500 budgeted)
    New Board Members - Erica and Sparks
    Kingsley Elementary approved for $500
    Vanderlyn elementary approved for $500
  8. Adjourn