Overlay District

Bob Begle, Urban Collage, Inc. gave an Overlay District update. He proposed a demonstration project to show the community an example of streetscape. Urban Collage suggests the Farm House corner (Mt. Vernon and Chamblee-Dunwoody) and will prepare a rendering for the DHA Board. Bill Kennedy, working for DeKalb County to codify the project as county regulations, has developed the second draft. A final document to be submitted through the normal zoning process will be finished in December. Bill Phillips asked for nominations to a committee to select the Merchant of the Year Award. Representatives of Urban Collage, Dunwoody Preservation Trust and The Crier will comprise the committee.

CID Presentation

Ginny Kennedy, Urban Collage, gave an update on the Perimeter Center CID that included a community survey completed by members of the DHA Board to evaluate different building and street designs. She also displayed a map that defined the boundaries of the study area. Questions were raised by the Board regarding inclusion of the residential area east of the dry creek bed from Mt. Vernon to Vermack. This creek bed historically has served as the boundary between Perimeter Center and Dunwoody. The Board voted unanimously for Don Boyken, president, to send a letter to Perimeter CID that this addition must be removed from the study area.

Light at Zaban Park

Nancy Echikson reported that the Marcus Center response to her complaint to DeKalb County regarding intrusive lighting from the Zaban Park athletic field (a chest high black tarp between her property and the field) was unsatisfactory. DeKalb County told her that Marcus Center had reacted and he could do nothing more. The Crier newspaper will be raising the level of awareness of the community. The board is asking Bob Lundsten to assist in communicating the dissatisfaction of the Board to Zaban.

Peeler Road Linear Park

A schematic of the planned linear park that will provide a visual barrier along the western side of the expanded DeKalb County water works was displayed. Sherman Dudley was the principal community resident involved in lengthy negotiations with the County.

Development at Dunwoody Village – Announcement of Tenants

The Atlanta Business Chronicle indicated in a recent article that the new tenants in the old Bruno’s location will be Walgreen’s and Fresh Market.

Development at the Triangle

The approved design for the property at the Triangle was presented to the Board. An agreement had been signed with the Developer which met all of the Boards concerns voiced at the last meeting. The agreement was made part of the Zoning requirements instead of Covenants. If Covenants were required the developer indicated that he would not make a deal with DHA. In the agreement, a commitment to meet all the requirements and support the Overlay District was included.

City Grille – Jett Ferry and Dunwoody Club

Ken Wright and Bill Phillips met with the owner of the City Grill. This is a new restaurant in Orchard Park shopping center (Jett Ferry and Dunwoody Club). They discussed the signage and the awning design and were comfortable that the owner would comply with the guidelines.

New Variance issue

Bill Grossman is to investigate the variance sign posted on south side of Dunwoody Club just west of Jett Ferry.


High Cotton has a new sign advertising “open for lunch.” Ken will call Bob Lundsten about helping him speak with Regency about the signs.

The telephone pole has been removed and the sidewalk needs to be filled in. Regency says the pole blocking the sidewalk near High Cotton is a County issue. Bill Grossman will call the county about this item.

Membership – HOA focus

The list of Homeowners Associations is being finalized. A meeting of the subcommittee will be scheduled for this month. After the meeting, Sherman Dudley agreed to head up the 2002 membership campaign and to work with Paul Ruhmkorff.

DeKalb Parkland Initiative

Bill Grossman received a letter thanking DHA for submitting the Blue House on Mt. Vernon near Fulton County line as a park. Bill suggested that we add the three acres at the southeast corner of the Mt. Vernon – Tilly Mill intersection to our request. The Board instructed Grossman to add the property to the requested parkland from the county.

Brook Run

The contract between Dunwoody Preservation Trust and DeKalb County regarding Brook Run has been signed. The first meeting of the Brook Run Committee was held on October 4, 2001, to begin the master plan process. At the last meeting, Richard Stogner, Executive Assistant to DeKalb County CEO proposed that Third World athletes be housed temporarily housed at Brook Run until adequate housing can be constructed near the training facilities in South DeKalb. At that meeting, the Board asked that the athletes be housed near the entrance of the facility. The County later asked to use a building near the Peeler entrance. The Board considered this option and agreed with the request.


After the article on zoning is run in the Crier, articles on Brook Run and Year in Review will complete the DHA monthly communications updates.

New Business

Dick Williams suggested that Joyce Amacher be sent a letter of commendation regarding the very successful community prayer service.

Bill Robinson asked for and received Board approval to ask Regency Realty for permission to construct a bandstand in the Dunwoody Village parking lot. It would serve as a site for such things as concerts and the parade closing ceremony. A meeting is to be arranged between Regency, Bob Lundsten, Bill Robinson and Don Boyken to review the concept.

The Board approved a $500 grant to the Dunwoody Nature Center as a host for the annual Dream Gardens Tour.

Margot Cole volunteered to serve as a Zoning Code Enforcement representative.

Sherman Dudley was introduced as a new Board member.