1. Zoning Issues
Peachland Homes has been deferred for 30 days. Bill Grossman has requested a meeting with Elaine Boyer Walmart expansion has been approved by the Zoning Board, DHA’s conditions to be attached. The closing hours will remain the same, but WalMart will probably litigate the closing hours issue. DHA will monitor that issue.

2. Overlay District
Overlay Lighting & Demonstration project: BP has asked DHA to propose lighting fixtures. DHA has asked EDAW for a recommendation.

3. Community Notes
Chevron at Dunwoody Club: Bill Grossman will review final plans for the renovation in approximately two weeks. Chevron agreed to certain DHA requests(red brick exterior, etc.) two years ago when the project was initially proposed. Bill is hopeful that the final plans comply with the original agreement and DHA will continue to monitor this project.
Marta speeding issue: The public meeting with MARTA has been rescheduled and will now be held from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on October 21, 2004. New Peachtree Middle School: Dan Weber reported that the project timeline is on schedule.

4. Brook Run
Children’s Adventure Garden bids were due to be received by the county last week. DHA will inquire as to whether there will be a public opening of the bids.

5. Messages & Updates From The President- Ken Wright
The DHA has been and always will be a non partisan, apolitical organization

6. Code Infractions: two substance abuse rehabilitations homes in Dunwoody have recently been cited and DialMart has been cited.

7. Revamp web site: Celeste Webb presented a model and the DHA approved the “look” of the new home page proposal. DHA asked that the word “overlay” be referenced in the link button related to architectural standards.

8. Mt Vernon Intersection: No update

9. Communications: No update

10. Light up Dunwoody Update: The Dunwoody Animal Hospital has agreed to let DHA put the holiday tree on its property, across from the Farmhouse. Following the meeting, the DHA Board passed a resolution stating that DHA would ask DPT to pay the cost of lighting the Farmhouse throughout the holiday season, in addition to contributing the $1,000 in food and beverages for the celebration.

11. Membership: No Update

12. PDK Discussion: No Update