Gordon Jackson, President, called the meeting to order and welcomed board members and visitors. Gordon acknowledged the elected officials present, John Heneghan, Doug MacGinnitie, and Fran Millar. Al Tiede congratulated Gordon on his son becoming an Eagle Scout. Tom Stubbs, who is running for DeKalb County Superior Court, introduced himself. District 2 council runoff is on October 14th. Joe Devita spoke about the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce web site which offers web services free of charge for any Dunwoody non profit organization. They rented the house on Chamblee Dunwoody as an information center and office. Contact Joe if interested in the Chamber of Commerce and/or the web site.

Zoning and Development

  • Sterling Point Hotel Site – Laurel David The property is currently zoned C1 in the front and O&I in the back of the property. They are requesting an OCR rezoning. This was filed the 3rd week of July and will be on the November county agenda. It is located at Ashford Dunwoody Rd. and Perimeter Center N where there are two existing office buildings and parking deck. They met with the Perimeter Village Committee. HGOR was hired to redesign the streetscape and landscape. The hotel will be 6 stories high with 168 rooms. There will be an 8,500 square foot high quality restaurant that they want close to the streetscape. The streetscape will be 8 feet wide and the sidewalks 5 feet wide. The restaurant will be 12 -18 inches above the sidewalk and the hotel 7-8 feet above the sidewalks. Renditions were presented showing steps to Ashford Dunwoody from the back side of the hotel. They will shield the service area with landscaping. The restaurant sidewalk will be 10 feet wide to allow for sitting. The pool will be on the pedestrian side. They do not have a commitment for the hotel yet. They are thinking of putting in a two story deck in a section of the parking lot. They will comeback to us at the Nov. 2nd meeting.
  • Perimeter Road Extension and Land Purchase – Mark Kilby John Heneghan sat in on the Perimeter Village Committee even though he is not an official DHA Board Member. This is a public/private partnership for a new connector road at Hammond Drive put together by the Palisades owner and DeKalb County. This would be a cross access multijurisdictional conceptual designed road including Palisades, unusable DeKalb County land, and a small space at the Novare property. The developer owns land on the Fulton County side not the DeKalb side. The developer will buy 4.7 acres of unusable land from DeKalb County and the money from this purchase will be put into the PCID escrow account. If the road doesn’t get built the money would be used for other improvements. The developer would kick in the other 2/3s needed for the project. The developer does not want to be required to have a certificate of occupancy. They need to have an environmental study done. They must complete the road in order to develop .8 acre. From the stream buffer to right of way will be green space not for public use due to liability issues.
  • Former Ace Home Place – Kroger owns the lease and there are now talks with Goodwill for a collection and distribution center. The Village Committee will meet with Kroger and Goodwill and discuss this issue.

Community Affairs

  • Light Up Dunwoody – We are seven weeks out and planning is coming along pretty well as are the sponsorships. The main part will be at Shops of Dunwoody. DPT will host an open house at the farmhouse as well as a meet your City Council. Santa will be outside Wright’s Gourmet. There will be a raised platform near Burger King and City Council will be on platform for the lighting.
  • Dunwoody Maps – Bill Robinson Bill gave new maps to all of the Board members present. We purchased 2,500 that are stored in Bill Grossman’s garage. They will be used as a promotion for the membership campaign as they will be given to members at no charge.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri Penn Gerri left a message for Mrs. Lawrence about the faxed list of violations that was never filed into the system and asked her to please allow Officer Bryant back to serve our community instead of being on special assignment for 6 weeks. He called me and said he would address the overlay violations which he did. He said he would address the other violations the following week. There was a discussion about the Norwalk out of business signs on cars and with people holding them.

Messages and Updates from President – Gordon Jackson
Ken Wright and Tom Taylor are now ex officio Bard members. Membership Drive will start next week.

Board Discussions and Votes – Robin brought up that a new citizen Neighborhood Watch liaison was concerned about a slower response time from N. Precinct since we voted to be a city. Bill Grossman suggested that Robin forward the e-mail she received to Al Fowler of N. Precinct. There were no votes.

The meeting was adjourned.