Gordon Jackson welcomed the Board members in attendance. There were no announcements.

The September minutes were approved unanimously.

Zoning and Development

  • Dunwoody Hall Restrictive Covenants Estoppel Certificate – Gordon said that part of Dunwoody Hall Shopping Center is being sold to an investor. DHA was a signatory on the original covenants agreement in 1985. There was change made to the covenants in 1996 with DHA approval concerning the buffer on the south end of the shopping center. The estoppel certificate is in the form of a letter that DHA accepts things as they are in regards to Dunwoody Hall Shopping Center.
  • Dunwoody Personal Care Homes in R 100 – This topic was on the Community Council agenda as a text amendment to allow for registered personal care homes and family personal care homes to operate without specific review and approval by the city. This will be on the Planning Commission agenda on November 10th.

Community Affairs

  • Adopt a Spot – Bill Robinson said that DHA is being recognized by the city as an active participant in this project. DHA has identified islands that are currently adopted and ones that need to be adopted. Only one applicant has been approved and that is Greenmark for the island at Winters Chapel and Peeler Rds. They will have to submit a design for review but are able to clean the island now. The city will choose one of the three applicants for the four triangles at the intersections of Peeler, Chamblee Dunwoody and N. Shallowford. The others not chosen can adopt other islands.
  • Dunwoody Overlay District – Bill Robinson announced that the new guidelines for the Dunwoody Overlay District have been approved. They will have a committee for a design review for the overlay.
  • Sign Ordinance – Bill Robinson said the amended Sign Ordinance is making its way through the system. One of the issues is how to modify the Sign Ordinance to give greater leeway to the PCID. Bill suggested creating an Overlay District for the PCID and keep the citywide Ordinance the way it is. They want to be pro business. A discussion followed pointing out flaws in the new ordinance. Bob Lundsten did not think it is fair to other businesses outside the PCID that the PCID be given leeway. It was discussed that DHA needs to take a stance on this. Gordon will get more Sign Ordinance information and get it to the Board.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri was asked to drive through the overlay district and record violations for her meeting with Tom LaPenna, Code Enforcement Specialist, and Brian Anderson, City Attorney. She found 30 business sign violations on one drive through. At their meeting, Gerri said that most of these businesses probably have no clue about the overlay codes and need to be educated. Tom and Brian are working on organizing a meeting. Gerri also gave a Ty White update on the demolition of the two buildings behind the old Glaze Hardware. They were demolished without an inspection for lead and asbestos and without a permit. Ty White was fined $3,000.00 and the EPA has been called in for testing.

Messages and Updates from the President

  • Light Up Dunwoody – Gordon said they are making good progress and it should be a big event. They are lagging in sponsorships and are meeting to work on getting more sponsors.
  • DHA Office Space – Charlene has been moved to a cubicle at Keller Williams. We have two options and one is to have a space in an executive suite building which is the more economical of the two options but give us no visibility. The other option is to take a space in Dunwoody Village either next to the Copper Pig or another space next to Dunwoody Prep that might be a better price. The second option although twice the price gives a visibility and recognition. Gordon has concerns about how DHA sits with the city. Staff does not recognize us. Fran feels we really need to take a position when we do not agree with something. He feels that DHA needs to be assertive.
  • DHA’s 40th Anniversary – Gordon is working on doing something at our 2010 Annual Meeting and will get back to the Board.
  • Amendment to the Codes for pet chickens – Bob Lundsten said he is in support of a code that allows for residents to have up to 8 pet chickens that are quiet and do not smell and are used for eggs. In an informal vote on this issue, the majority of Board Members were opposed to such an amendment.
  • Nominating Committee – The nominating Committee was Bill Robinson, Barbara Dodds and Renate Herod. We have a staggered Board of three year terms and the two Board Members coming off the Executive Board are Al Tiede and Bill Grossman. Randy Collins and Doug Thompson have accepted their nomination.
  • Discussion – There was a discussion of promoting DHA and their accomplishments in our dues statements and that is being done in a letter that is included with the statement. Bob asked if we would have any objection in allowing the City to insert a letter in our dues mailing informing the residents of Dunwoody about five additional CLUP meetings in different areas of the city. The City would pay for the insert’s printing and any extra postage. An informal vote was that it would be fine. Fran asked how we felt about the city leasing Brook Run and the other parks and discussion followed with a suggestion that it might be agreeable if it is a 50 or 100 year lease and that the City would have total control of the parks.

The meeting was adjourned.