1. Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors:
Senator Millar, Superior Court Judge JP Boulee, Mayor Davis, and council members Nall, Heneghan, & Thompson. Mayoral contestants Chris Grivakis, Stephen Chipka and council candidate Becky Springer all made brief statements as did Davis and Nall.

2. Approval of minutes for July 12, 2015 meeting—Joe Tuttle: Unanimous

3. Review of 2016 budget and process for City of Dunwoody - Mayor Mike Davis, City Manager Eric Linton: Budget due for approval by City Council at the 10/26 meeting. Total 2016 budget is 34 mm of which 10mm is restricted for specific use. Additions for 2016 include two new police officers, one detective and the installation of cameras in city parks. The city has 8mm in reserves and is building a Cap Ex fund in anticipation of a new city hall when the current lease expires in about three years.

4. Review of candidate forum guidelines, call for questions – Robert Wittenstein: Robert reminded the board and guests that despite some feedback to the contrary, this will be a forum for candidates and not a debate.

5. Update on Light Up Dunwoody – Robert Wittenstein: The city has agreed to make LUD a “signature event” which provides police service and waives permit fees.
Robert also announced that the DPT had rejected a request to include a six-foot Menorah alongside the Christmas Tree on the Farmhouse lawn. This would be in place of the window Menorah that was included last year. The DPT has another board meeting scheduled Oct. 13 (see board only session)

6. Update on annual membership mailing – Robert Wittenstein: Robert reported the mailing had been refashioned as a letter for cost efficiency and a new bulk mail company had been selected.

7. Request for sponsorship for VanderDASH (Vanderlyn Elementary School) – Camilyn Germann ($300 included in 2015 budget)

8. Request for sponsorship for PTSO Annual Fund (Dunwoody High School) – Libba Morris ($300 included in 2015 budget)

9. Request for sponsorship for VC Classic (Peachtree Charter Middle School) – Tricia Casey ($300 included in 2015 budget)

Board only sessions: Votes as needed on any motions including:

  • Authorization to fund Vanderlyn, PCMS and DHS: Approved all three school requests unanimously.
  • LUD: The board discussed the DPT’s refusal of the Menorah and voted to officially present our proposal at the October 14 DPT meeting. If the DPT still rejects the DHA proposal, board members agreed we should revisit the location of Light Up and/or the Tree/Menorah for 2016.