Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors – Adrienne announced that the Candidate Forum went smoothly and we wrapped up the Farmer’s Market for the season.  Council members Lynn Deutsch and Terry Nall were present as well as District 1 County Commissioner Nancy Jester and School Board Member Stan Jester.

Introduction of candidates for office – Robert Miller is running for the at large seat on City Council. Joe Seconder is running for the at large District 2 seat.  Lynn Deutsch and Terry Nall are running for Mayor.

Sponsorship Request: Peachtree Charter Middle School; CV Classic - Emily Ceo asked for sponsorship their 10th Annual Cardio Vascular Classic. The proceeds go to whole child wellness at PCMS.  They are asking for us to be a gold sponsor at a $1,000.00.

Sponsorship Request:  Chesnut Charter School:  Jessica Spenser ask for $1,000.00 to fund the Spanish elective and school musical.

Ravinia “Grassy Knoll” Rezoning, update from Kathy Zickert – Kathy represents the applicant, GMC.  The DHA Board voted to support the rezoning.  It went to Council and Council asked for changes including a traffic study which came back with positive results.  They made some changes to address Council concerns.  .They reduced the number of hotel rooms from 231 to 156, less floors, and two story retail is now 1 story retail.  They updated, the landscape to save five oaks.  They revised their sign package and it is now compliant with the code.  They can stack six cars in front of the hotel with valet service.  There is an 8’ landscape buffer, 8’ sidewalk along Ashford Dunwoody Rd. and a 13’ pedestrian area in front of the retail space.  There will be a dinner only restaurant with rooftop dining.  They are giving a 6’ right of way to the City for a refuge island.  It will be a high-end boutique hotel complimentary to Crowne Plaza.  It will be 5 stories and most likely stick built and is fully compliant with PC2. 

Educate Dunwoody:  Updates and DHA’s Support  - Adrienne went to the Board of Education Meeting and said traffic was horrible.  She said the South Dekalb people were happy to see a Dunwoody presence.  Despina Lamas and Leah Marcus from Educate Dunwoody thanked DHA for our letter of opposition to the Go Bond.  They would like to see the Go Bond taken off the table this year.  They are working on a third party audit. They asked to see the internal audits but were told they would have to pay $900.00 so they took it to the State Attorney General, Chris Carr, as taxpayers should not have to pay to see an internal audit.  They would like to hire a demographer.  It was suggested that ARC or the PCID might be able to help with demographic information.  Their Facebook page helped DHS Catfe get a refrigerator and the Dunwoody Dads transported the refrigerator.  Leah Marcus announced that Dunwoody Elementary School is having a Fall Festival on Oct. 26th from 10a.m.-2p.m. to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

DeKalb Ethics Act Revision Ballot Item on November 5th – Mary Hinkel of DeKalb Citizens Advocacy told us it is a bad bill that will weaken the policy established in 2015.  They are eliminating the Ethic Officer and we need that position.  The new position would be a clerk who can’t bring forth complaints.  The b CEO would appoint a member to the Board which is a conflict of interest.  She said Nancy Jester calls it a Non Ethics Bill.  The State Legislature said that community groups cannot be appointed to Ethics Boards so they currently don’t have a quorum and complaints go to HR. 


Respectively submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary