1. Community notes and presentations

The owner of the land on the south side of Mt Vernon at the triangle has approached the DHA about donating the land to DeKalb County for a park in exchange for tax credits on some commercial property they own in another part of the county.

2. Zoning Issue Presentations

  • DeKalb County – Jett Ferry Gas Station Variance – Approved with DHA requested Architectural Changes to support Dunwoody Architecture.
  • DeKalb County – Valley View – Restaurant: A presentation was heard regarding 2 lots on the north side of Valley View off Ashford Dunwoody. The potential developer stated that he would like to change the zoning from R100 to commercial and build a restaurant. The developer further stated that “all”, or “most” surrounding residents were in favor of this. The board heard from other residents that disagreed with this contention. The chair advised the applicant that in the past, the board has opposed any commercialization of this area and would ask for a denial.
  • DeKalb County – Signage – Valley View: It was stated an oversized sign on the south side of Valley View was being proposed to Dekalb County. Additional information is being investigated on this matter.
  • DeKalb County – Mt Vernon Development at Ashwood: Bill Grant announced he was backing out of his proposed project off Mt Vernon Road on the property backing Ashwood subdivision. Bill stated that after 7 meetings with the neighbors his integrity was being questioned and he does not wish to deal with the accusations any longer. He will sell his interest in the land to a lawyer for development.
  • DeKalb County – Ridgeview Development: Bill Grant presented that he has bought 3.13 acres off Mount Vernon & Alden Point. Bill will propose 12 units under RA5, the size and cost of these houses to be similar to Mr. Grant’s other developments such as Bellewood.
  • DeKalb County – Ridgeview Development: Lou McBride, a lawyer presented that his clients have bought 2.3 acres off Mount Vernon & Alden Point near Bill Grants purchase of 3.13 acres. Lou stated the proposed houses will be 8 R60 8,000 square foot lots, high price points, 4 sides brick,6 foot brick wall in front, and not a gated community.
  • Gordon Jackson, President of the Dunwoody Station Homeowners Association stated that their were currently no sewer lines, the current road is not wide enough for sewers and that the homeowners have various concerns for discussions.
  • Don Boyken requested that both developers get maps of their properties to the homeowners & DHA for review and discussions.

The DHA has asked both developers for a 30-60 day deferral and will as for this deferral as well from Dekalb County.

  • DeKalb County – Georgetown Shopping Center: The center is being updated with 1 signage variance proposed. It is understood that the variance is to re-install the original signage. This is to be investigated by Bill Brown.
  • DeKalb County – Office building variance (Amacher): Bill Amacher, owner of the property, presented a sketch of his office building. Various suggestions were discussed regarding this piece of property complying with the Overlay district in the heart of Dunwoody with its possible addition. It was decided that the property owner needs further investigation on design possibilities with this property. Don is to work with Mr. Amacher to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution to the architecture compliance with the overlay district.
  • Fulton County – Bailey Estates Expansion: Bill Grant indicated that he has under contract the 24 acres behind Bailey estates. Mr. Grant would develop 12 lots for multi-million dollar homes on approx. 2-acre lots. He envisions the subdivision would be gated. He will advise if he will complete the purchase.
  • Fulton County – Davis Academy – Status Update: Davis Academy is working with Fulton County to acquire the corner lot at Spalding and Dunwoody Club. The purpose is to relocate the intersection further east and create an exit from their property at that intersection. They are willing to fund the purchase of the lot for Fulton County if Fulton County decides that the relocation of the road is in the best interest of the community. The DHA supports the relocation of the road.
  • Brook Run Master Plan - It was announced there will be a meeting at Dunwoody High school October 1st regarding the Brook Run land & master plan.
  • Bunky Way Traffic Calming – Lisa Morshower, a resident of Bunky way explained her plight with the current speed bump situation on her street. Don Boyken noted that he was asked by Elaine Boyer to meet with both sides and Dekalb County to help mediate a resolution.
  • Margot Cole of the DHA discussed the tree-planting project off Ashford Dunwoody Parkway.

3. Questions & Answers – See above

4. Signage Ken Wright, Report filed as follows:

  • New monument type sign is being constructed in front of Blockbuster, appears to meet Overlay guidelines. Ken to discuss this with the landowner.
  • Illegal sign off Mount Vernon advertising Renfroe Lake subdivision off Tilly Mill has been removed.
  • Ace Hardware is replacing the old Harris Teeters, Gary Meyers has talked to owner who has agreed to meet the overlay guidelines on the new signage
  • Saxby Chambliss was the worst offender for illegally placed political signs within Dunwoody. A letter will be sent to his campaign office advising him not to repeat the practice.
  • Negotiations with Smokey Bones off Ashford Dunwoody Road have come to a conclusion. The sign will be backlit type neon with no exposed neon.
  • Neal Ballinger, Co-owner of the new, coming soon Katz Deli in the old Harry’s in a hurry location has been notified of the new overlay district law
  • High Cotton just put up yet another banner hanging up under their sign “Open for Lunch”. This has been there for 1 month now and is illegal under DeKalb County law.

5. thru 7. Membership, Perimeter CID and Overlay District - No reports.

8. Support the local merchants, Gary Meyer Membership committee has met and is working with Ken Wright to educate businesses as to the overlay and signage issues.

9. Brook Run - Update – Nick - October 1st meeting at Dunwoody High school.

10. Light up Dunwoody- No report

11. Communications-Monthly updated- Bill Robinson- No updates

12Membership Drive- Sherman Dudley- has various activities to help increase member paying dues.

13. Executive Board votes:

100% in favor vote was taken to donate $500 for 1 tree on behalf of DHA for the tree project.

100% in favor vote was taken to donate $500 for Dunwoody Woman’s club home tour.

100% in favor vote was taken to object to any rezoning request on the Valley view restaurant project.

100% in favor vote was taken that DHA begin to get more intimately involved with the facts figures and situation regarding PDK airport and establish a formal position on the matter.

Meeting adjourned around 9:15 p.m.