Gordon Jackson, President, welcomed all Board members and visitors and called the meeting to order.


Lynn Deutsch announced that Chestnut is getting a playground. She said that they had received good support from businesses and the community.

DeKalb Police Department Information—Al Tiede

Chief Bolton and Major Gilstrap had a commitment tonight, but will attend October 7 meeting to address issues and answer questions.

Code Enforcement Infractions—Gerri Penn/Office Zellars

Gordon welcomed Office Zellars and Geri Penn expressed her appreciation to him for his work in the Dunwoody area. He stated that Code Enforcement is concerned with property maintenance, zoning ordinances, and sign ordinances. Anyone can issue a complaint regarding any of these and he will investigate. He answered questions from the group. He now works a 10-hour shift-10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Zoning and Development

First Baptist Church of Atlanta
Gordon Jackson reported that neighbors have gotten an environmental report indicating that the stream running through the property is an “intermittent stream”.

Perimeter Area Planning

Bob Dallas discussed the development in the Perimeter area. He indicated that the projects that are coming are high end. The issue is whether they are family oriented or single oriented. He feels a variety is best. Discussion followed on traffic, school, parking, etc. It was noted that data is needed on number of children the developments will bring to local schools and that community needs independent planners to look at developments.

GID Development Agreement—Don Boyken

DHA met with GID and have an agreement that supports what will be built in each phase. Agreement is more definitive in Phase I. DHA will be a part of the planning in other phases. If any property is sold by GID, the agreement goes forward. It includes a penalty clause if the developer goes with all apartments.

Navare—David Flynt

Navare targets young professionals age 25-40. All will be owner occupied condos—one and two bedrooms.

Community Affairs

Light Up Dunwoody—Sharon Collins
Gordon had an email from Sharon letting him know that planning for this event is in progress and moving well.

Parks Committee—Al Tiede
Committee met on August 27 at Brook Run. Members are Ranate Herod, Al Tiede, Joyce Amacher, Dennis Crean, Tom Taylor, and John Heneghan. Area parks have been assigned to members.

Messages and Updates from President

Gordon reported that RBC had decided against ATM at branch on Mt. Vernon.

Regional Transportation
Gordon is still working on this

CRIER column author
Gordon will announce later.

Board Discussion and Votes

Glaze Drive Update—Bill Grossman
Judge issued preliminary ruling that he will not ask current residents to move. Still in play.

Motion was made for president of DHA to sign agreement with GID when language is cleaned up and all attachments are in order. It was seconded and motion carried.

Motion was made to place additional conditions on Navare. It was seconded and motion carried

Street Toppers
Barbara Dodds reported that there are 40 toppers left. These will be installed with requests and at major intersections. Dennis Crean had listed 84 locations without a topper.

Dennis Crean reported that any citizen could call Public Works at 404-297-3840 to have potholes filled. Intersection information must be given when calling and the repair is usually done in 48 hours.
Sidewalks will be installed on Nandina Drive and Roberts Drive will be completed to county line.

Triangle at Ashford Dunwoody is not being maintained.
Gordon is checking on this.

Meeting was adjourned.