Gordon Jackson, president, called the meeting to order and welcomed board members and visitors. There were no announcements. The candidates present, Tom Stubbs and Larry Danese, were invited to introduce themselves which they did. A motion was made for approval of the August 3rd minutes and was seconded and carried unanimously.

Zoning and Development

  • Spruill Art Center/Mixed Use Development – Bill Grant
    Bill made the original presentation which DHA approved in 2006. He presented again tonight not as the developer. They need to change the number of apartments to defray the cost the incurred for land stabilization. The forty additional units would be added to the center of the building. They are predominantly 1 and 2 bedroom units with four 3 bedroom units. There will be 37,000 sq. ft. of retail. He said that Dekalb County and those on DHA Village Committee did not have a problem with the increase from 259 to 299. They are adding more space to the gallery and plan to do more national exhibits. They want to broaden the scope of the Center.
  • Perimeter Center Road Extension and Land Purchase – Gordon Jackson
    Engineer met with some of DHA Board and had some unanswered questions after the meeting. This will now be on the October agenda.

Community Affairs

  • Light Up Dunwoody – Gordon Jackson
    Plans are moving along and both Renate and Susan are now helping the committee. The largest sponsor is Digitel. They are seeking other sponsorships. LUD will extend from the Farmhouse to Shops of Dunwoody. There won’t be an extra ring as that would require a concrete base that the vet does not want on his property.
  • Dunwoody Map – Bill Robinson
    Bill brought the draft of the new Dunwoody Map. It will be printed in blue ink. An added attraction is that it will have room for a mailer panel so no envelope will be needed to mail them. We are purchasing 2,500 maps.
  • Code Infractions – Gerri Penn and Bob Lundsten
    The August list of violations was not filed by Code Enforcement after the second time of being faxed. Gerri is contacting Officer Bryant. Bob Lundsten gave the update on 1822 Mt. Vernon Rd which is in violation of too much paving. The owner was fined in court and told he could apply for a variance. The county would take his application because of the moratorium. Don said there is a liquidation banner in Ashford Place shopping center. It is where Pier 1 was located.

Messages and Updates from the President

  • Elections are September 16th. The next Board Meeting is October 5, 2008.
  • Fran brought attention to the former Ace Home Place location. He said it is owned by Kroger and that he heard that a Dollar Store and Framing Store were going in there. He asked if anyone knows anything about it. Gordon is going to find out if anything was signed.
  • DHA and The Crier sponsored the candidate forum and there were approximately 750 people in attendance. DHA provided the written material for the District 3 forum on September 6th which was sponsored by some District 3 subdivisions. Bill Grossman asked all of the candidates to send in a write up that he could post on the DHA web site prior to the election and then would be updated with the results of the election.

Vote - Spruill Center Gallery

The village committee did not find it an issue. Previously it was passed by the Board before we had established written agreements with developers. Now we can get a written agreement. Bob said the agreement should have a stipulation that there should be the same ratio of expansion of the gallery as any expansion of retail. Fran said it should include that there be no more than the additional 40 apartments they are applying for with ratio staying the same and at the right elevations. No one knows this developer so the agreement is very important.

A motion was made to approve their request contingent on a signed agreement with the developer. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned.