Gordon Jackson, President, called the meeting to order and welcomed the board and visitors. There were no announcements. The August minutes were approved unanimously.

Zoning and Development - Bill Grossman announced that the gas station at 5020 Winters Chapel Rd. had applied for a liquor license and would most likely be denied since it is less than 200 yards from residential.

Community Affairs –

  • Adopt A Spot – Bill Robinson said that islands that are already adopted will be grandfathered in and the current sponsors will just need to submit the application. They have four applicants for the islands at the intersection of Peeler, N. Shallowford and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. but there can only be one sponsor for all of them. Greenmark is adopting the island at Peeler and Winters Chapel and is just waiting for approval. Don Converse and his subdivision are asking for recognition for their landscaping as they landscape the entire frontage of their subdivision on a main road. The Adopt A Spot is a two year commitment.
  • Dunwoody Bike Information – Doug Thompson and Joe Seconder gave us information on why it is important to have biking in Dunwoody. Right now they do not consider Dunwoody to be bike or pedestrian friendly. They formed a group and have created a vision document and they are waiting for the city to implement a plan. They met with Richard Meehan of Public Works to see what we can do now. They are planning a safe cycling course. Right now Richard Meehan is the City’s liaison. The City is looking at improvements for Dunwoody Village Parkway and Joyce is turning over the old plans to the city. They also mentioned that the Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Tour De Pink for Breast Cancer at Perimeter Mall on October 17th.
  • Vernon North Neighborhood update – Terry Nall said they filed their lawsuit against the City on August 21, 2009 to appeal the ZBA Goddard School decision. Judge Daniel Coursey is the judge for this appeal.
  • Glaze Drive lawsuit – Gordon said that the judge has it under consideration now in terms of how to handle the case.
  • Code Enforcement – Gerri Penn talked about grass violations for vacant properties and named, Chateau Dr, Peeler Rd. and the corner of N. Peachtree and Tilly Mill Rd. The city is able to cut the right of way and has to see what their rights are when they cannot get a response from the owners and how they will be reimbursed. Gerri will be meeting with the Code Enforcement official and the city attorney.

Messages and Updates from the President

  • Light Up Dunwoody – Gordon said that the plans are moving along and it will be on November 22nd at the Shops of Dunwoody area. They are talking to new sponsors and they already have confirmation from school groups.
  • Office Committee - Gordon will send an e-mail out to the committee members for a meeting. We are currently at Keller Williams and won’t be able to extend the use of their facility. We need our own space.

Board Discussion and Votes
There were no votes. There was discussion about what is happening at the Ashford Dunwoody and Mt. Vernon island. Bill Grant will continue to landscape it but has to wait until completion of the project. Joyce Amacher wanted to know who to contact to let them know that the water meter that the Dunwoody Garden Club installed at that island is no longer there but they are still getting the bills for it. Bill Grossman suggested talking to Richard Meehan. The meeting was adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned.