President Stacey Harris opened the meeting by welcoming Mayor Mike Davis, Councilmen Nall and Heneghan.

Minutes for August were approved as distributed electronically. Gerri Penn told the Board about the Dunwoody Women’s Club Home Tour to be held in early October. President Harris introduced a new Board Member: Lindsay Ballow. Lindsay told the Board he has lived in Dunwoody since 1975.

City of Dunwoody Public Works Director Michael Smith and his Capital Projects Manager Mindy Sanders told the Board that the City is on track to pave all major streets and most residential streets by 2018. Public Works plans to add Sidewalks on all major roads and residential streets near schools over the next few years; working within it’s expected 2 million per year paving and sidewalks budget. At least 19 miles will be paved this year and Public Works is under budget for the year. Mindy Sanders talked about several details on the Vermack @ Mt. Vernon intersection improvement proposal. The Board members and the Public Works representatives discussed in detail the proposed turn lanes.

President Stacey Harris told the Board details about the DHA and Crier and Chamber of Commerce sponsored Candidate Forum at DHS on Oct. 17.

In the Board only session The Stage Door Players were awarded a $500 donation of support.

The DHA Board of Directors voted to oppose a continuous center lane on Mt. Vernon Highway from Jett Ferry to Dunwoody Village.