Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors

  1. Approval of minutes for July 2014: Approved unanimously
  2. Food Truck Thursdays - Bill Grossman
    Bill reviewed the successful series to date including the improvements to the musical acts and sound system which the city donated this year. Bill expects FTT’s to generate a small profit to the DHA and ideas for expanding and enhancing elements and funding for 2015 were discussed.
  3. October Candidate Forum
    The board decided to wait until the impending candidacy filing deadline before making a recommendation. Ultimately, five candidates filed and the decision post meeting was for the DHA and Crier to co-sponsor a candidate forum at Kingsley Swim and Tennis at the beginning of our next regularly scheduled DHA Board meeting on October 5.
  4. Signage Discussion:
    Brief discussion of signage particularly as it relates to businesses such as the new Memphis Barbeque. No motion was taken in favor of encouraging reporting any violations directly to the city, which in this case promptly addressed the situation.
  5. Light Up Dunwoody report – Stacey Harris
    Stacey offered a preliminary report of this year’s event. The City has stepped up to help fund the lighting of the pocket park but the

    DPT declined to offer additional funds for the tree itself.

  6. Membership Drive – Stacey Harris
    Board agreed timing is critical to a successful membership campaign; but also felt the pricey brochure mailings may have reached diminishing returns and other methods needed to be explored. The Executive Board took this item and will return in October with suggestions for 2015.

Votes as needed on any motions during Board only session


Next meeting: October 5, 2013 at Kingsley Clubhouse