Announcements and introduction of distinguished visitors -The Roberts Drive Project has been withdrawn.  The Ravinia Project goes before Council on Sept. 9. The Perimeter Group asked for a tax abatement.  Zoning changes have been passed in Dunwoody Village.  Future Board meetings will be at the annex at 4470 N. Shallowford Rd.

State Representative Mike Wilensky and Council members Terry Nall and Tom Lambert were in attendance.

Introduction of candidates for office – Candidates that spoke were Terry Nall, Heyward Wescott, Joe Seconder and Stacey Harris.

Candidate Forum Info – It will be held on September 22 at 2pm in the Dunwoody High School Auditorium.  We need to provide our own security.  Questions can be submitted online, and Adrienne and John will filter the questions.  The Reporter is our media sponsor.  Adrienne will be the emcee and The Reporter will provide the moderator.

Alan Mothner: Introduction to CREATE Dunwoody – CREATE is a new non- profit and followed City Council passing Arts and Culture. They have a Board of 13 and their mission is to work with the City to promote arts and culture in the community.  The Sign Ordinance needs to be revamped.  There are no DHA Board members on their Board as they already have 13.  There is no budget yet.

Paul Ludwig: Expansion plans for St. Barnabas Church – Paul introduced Vince Clanton who is the Senior Warden at the church.  The church is growing, and they need more space for classrooms and offices.  The expansion with be 4,800 sq. ft. towards North Peachtree not towards the neighborhood. They filed for a SLUP with the City. There will also be an administrative variance.

Educate Dunwoody: Updates and DHA’s support – Despina and Michelle Fincher are two of the three administrators of the Facebook Group.  They are focusing on the trailers with some of them 27-32 years old.  There is no maintenance as they are temporary structures.  They are advocating for a better solution rather than trailers for the current overcrowding.  They are advocating for redistricting.  DCSS missed deadline for 2018 audit to be turned into the State Auditor.  They do not support the Go Bond because the 2017 findings in the audit reports.  The School Board has to vote on the Go Bond so if you are against the Go Bond, email the Board members.  On September 26th there will be a meeting at DHS for the Dunwoody Cluster about redistricting.

Board Only Discussion and Vote – we have a quorum

Review and improve minutes from July and AugustSu Ellis moved to approve and John Sparks seconded it and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Vote on funding requested at August meeting for Dunwoody Dash and Austin ES - Su Ellis motioned to approve to donate $1,000.00, and Amy Swygert seconded and the request was approved unanimously.

Educate Dunwoody and DHA participation – Adrienne sent a letter she wrote in an email to the Board and Bob Fiscella made two minor corrections.  It was suggested that the letter be sent to the Letter to the Editor and posted on the Educate Dunwoody Facebook page in addition to the School Board.

Review and upgrading of DHA technology – Adrienne said that an email went out to some members 5 times so we are moving to MailChimp and a revamp of the web site is in progress.

Adrienne reminded the Board that future Board meetings will be at the annex 4470 N. Shallowford Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338.

Respectfully submitted by,

Gerri Penn, Recording Secretary